I have a shiny new book cover to show off! It’s for Out of Smoke and Ashes (Triple Trouble 5) coming on May 24th from Siren-BookStrand! 🙂


Elain’s wedding is interrupted when her matron of honor, Lina, goes into labor. Unfortunately, events spiral downhill from there for the Lyalls and their kin when an old foe refuses to roll over and play dead. As everyone suspected, Rodolfo Abernathy won’t give up.

What Abernathy doesn’t know is he’s become more prey than predator. Shifters with grudges of their own enter the fight with their sights set on Abernathy’s downfall.

When the fur hits the fan, it won’t be pretty.

While Elain and Lina struggle to cope with their new roles, various shifter Clans band together to fight their common enemies. Devastating heartaches are finally laid to rest as new love blossoms.

And Baba Yaga isn’t even done with them yet. Elain, Ain, Brodey, and Cail, along with their ever-growing band of friends and adopted family, must still confront those who’d gladly destroy all they love as evil and vengeance once again return from Out of Smoke and Ashes.

You can get all the other books in the series from Siren-BookStrand:
  1. “Boiling Point” (Tasty Treats, Vol. 3) (Prequel)
  2. Steam (Prequel)
  3. Fire and Ice (Prequel)
  4. Trouble Comes in Threes (Triple Trouble 1)
  5. Storm Warning (Triple Trouble 2)
  6. Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3)
  7. Triple Dog Dare (Triple Trouble 4)
  8. Out of Smoke and Ashes (Triple Trouble 5) – Coming 5/24/13
Shiny New Book Cover: Triple Trouble 5
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2 thoughts on “Shiny New Book Cover: Triple Trouble 5

  • April 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Okay, I have to admit that I am a Tymber Dalton/Leslie Richardson etc. junkie. I devour these books and then read them again and again! I can’t wait for May 24th! You have no idea! 🙂

  • April 30, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    @Dawn – Thank you! 🙂 I hope you’re not disappointed by this one. And I’m finishing up book 6 to get it submitted. 🙂

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