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This is a sneak peek from Farborn (Maxim Colonies 2, sci-fi, M/NB, m-preg, writing as Lesli Richardson). You can pre-order it now!


He’s not from around here…

Davies McKellan is a man without a true home. The cocky mining contractor navigator has spent his entire adult life roaming the stars and refusing to be tied down by anyone.

But that doesn’t come without cost. Like loneliness.

When Davies makes his first run to the planet Pfahrn, he meets Olarte, a Pfahrn who intrigues him in ways he never dreamed possible.

Except duplicity and deadly secrets are a killer combo that’ll make any man rethink his past. And if the eight-foot-tall green alien is Davies’ future, he might be down for that. He’s got priorities, though.

Like making sure they uncover the truth first, and don’t die in the process.

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Spacedock Alpha Tango Delta Fiver to Min-Ves Palmarian Rubayne. Confirm approaching speed neutral drift, and set your docking beacon to axis Whiskey Delta 3. Over.

I confirm our incoming drift velocity before I punch in the beacon’s frequency. “Spacedock Alpha Tango Delta Fiver, this is Min-Ves Palmarian Rubayne. Confirmed, docking beacon set to axis Whiskey Delta 3. Approaching speed neutral drift on axis. Over.”

Min-Ves Palmarian Rubayne, we will commence final tractor engagement approach on your mark from five, over.

“Confirmed. Please hold for my mark, over.” I walk the stylus in my hand from finger to finger as I sweep through the docking settings on my nav panel one last time. Then I engage my nav docking lockout of everything except comms, life support, and shield systems, and set my bridge master nav panel override lockout so some dumbass in the first shift doesn’t fuck with it because they don’t bother to pay attention or even scan the logs to see we’ve docked. Lastly, I check everything once more for luck.

I’m not really superstitious, but I believe in not screwing with what’s been successfully working for me my entire career.

Here we go. “Min-Ves Palmarian Rubayne ready for final tractor engagement approach and docking. Prepare for my mark.” I tap the stylus in my hand on the console in time with my words. “Commence in five…four…three…two…one…mark.”

I feel the subtle jolt that I know none of the other dipshits on board, except maybe McMurtry down in Engineering, will ever even notice, even if they were awake.

My panel’s green all the way across, so I sit back and wait. I don’t have much to do from now until the end of my shift, except maybe jerk off. We’ll be another hour, at least, before they have us secured in a berth on the space station in orbit around Pfahrn. Right now, I have the conn because I’m the only one awake and it’s not like they need anyone else for this unless I have to scramble the crew for a “we’re gonna die” kind of emergency.

Jerking off sounds like a great idea, actually. I tuck the stylus behind my ear to keep it out of the way. I don’t want to lose it because it’s my lucky stylus.

Yes, I know that sounds cheesy.

My hand’s already working its way inside the waistband of my pants when the intercom chirps.


Figures. I hit the button. “Goddammit, McMurtry,” I lightly say. “Don’t you ever farking sleep?” I should have known he’d wake up.

There’s always a slight burble in his speech as his translator kicks in. “We in tractor?”

“Yes, we’re in the tractor.”

“Okay. Everything else good?”

“Yeah, everything else is good. Go back to sleep.”

He burbles something at me I think might have been an insult, but the intercom connection cuts off from his end.

McMurtry could’ve checked his control panel to see what was going on for himself, but sometimes I think the ornery Onyx likes to fuck with me and annoy me for fun. Just like I think sometimes he deliberately fucks up his Standard when he’s talking to me, just to make me laugh or get a reaction out of me.

He’s got a translator augmentation, for chrissake.

That’s okay. He’s good at his job, and it’s not like I’m fucking him.


That was six months ago, not long after I first joined this crew.

Hey, don’t judge. We were both horny and drunk, and he gave good head. I was never really sure if what I did worked for him or not, but we hooked up off and on for about three weeks. It was a pretty long shore-leave because of dry dock repairs, and adequate pickings were slim for both of us.

I regret nothing.

Except that night with the Carmidian barmaid a couple of years ago. Not because of anything she did, but because I think she was sort of sweet on me by the time we finished, while I was only interested in the one time with her. Mostly because I didn’t realize she was a she until we were midway through our tryst. I regret it if she got the wrong impression about me.

Plus, I was very, very drunk. Normally, I’d only go for a male, except…

Have you ever seen a Carmidian? Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell their gender.

By sometimes, I mean always. I mean, they’re usually pretty good about letting someone know, but…

Did I mention I was really farking drunk at the time? Not to mention, those tentacles were…


Because, let’s face it. I’m gay, but if I limited myself only to human males, it’d be a damned boring life. Plus, some human guys are just plain assholes. I’ve had more and better sex with non-human species over the years than with my own kind.

Except I don’t fall in love with any of them.

Or, anyone at all. Because that’d be plain stupid.

Falling in love can break your heart.

Or worse.

Far worse.

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