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Suncoast Society Vol. 16I’ve got four new Suncoast Society print releases to tell y’all about! They’re in two different compilation volumes.

Note: When you’re buying them from Amazon, sometimes you’ll see titles available for fricking OUTRAGEOUS selling prices. Those are usually third-party sellers trying to scam a few extra bucks. Click on the link that says something like “see it from other sellers” and look for the Prime listing that’s usually Amazon’s listing. Just order it from Amazon, even if it says it’ll take a couple of months. (It usually does NOT take that long.)

Amazon uses print-on-demand, and if they see orders in the system for the book, they’ll print it faster. (They don’t charge you until it ships.) The reason why sometimes third-party sellers show up ahead of Amazon is that they pay to be there, usually. I do NOT make extra money if you pay those exorbitant prices, either. So avoid the scammers.

OR, if you order it from B&N, they usually have it in stock, or at least show it in stock and then get it printed immediately to send to you.

It’ll Be Fun / Follow Me

Print: Amazon | B&N


Suncoast Society Volume 17My Old Man / A New Chapter

PrintAmazon | B&N


You can see the entire Suncoast Society series reading order list, series information, and more trivia over on the series page:

Suncoast Society Series

Did you see that the Devastation Trilogy (MMF, Political Romance, writing as Lesli Richardson) is also available in print now?

Click Here for Info

And my book Jailmates (Maxim Colonies 1) is available in e-book and print, too! (Writing as Lesli Richardson.)

Jailmates (Maxim Colonies 1)

Did you miss any of my recent print releases? I have a page where I list the most recent ones. (Many of my Suncoast Society books are put into print compendiums by Siren, so make sure you don’t duplicate buying them.)

Print Releases

Have you checked out my pre-orders lately?

Other Recent Releases:

What’s coming next?

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