Oh, goodie. I now have a cyberstalker.

So apparently I’ve “made” it since I’ve pissed off a couple of spammers. (EDIT: I’ve added a second message they’ve sent me.) What’s even stupider? I HAD been planning on letting it die down now that we had notified our members. But now that I’m getting email threats, including (see below) a threat to burn … Read More

Life imitating art: zombies and cyberthreats

Source It’s funny how life can imitate art. In my book Two Geeks and Their Girl¬†(coming 8/2 from Siren-BookStrand) the two heroes are working on a project called Artemis, which hunts down devices hooked to the internet that aren’t properly password protected, and then tracks down and notifies the owner of the problem. I’d gotten … Read More

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