Lesli Richardson wearing hat and glasses.

Lesli Richardson (she/her) is the author behind the curtain of her better-known and USA Today Bestseller pen name, Tymber Dalton (her “wild child” side). She’s a native Floridian who lives in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. Her household is overrun by too many pets of various species, some of whom are intent upon world domination and would be in charge already, if only they had the thumbs and literacy to take over social media accounts of their own.

The USA Today Bestselling Author (as Tymber) and two-time EPIC award winner is also the author of over two hundred books and counting.

When she’s not playing D&D with her friends, making chainmail jewelry, or shooting skeet, she’s a part-time Viking shield-maiden in training. She’s also a solitary, eclectic Pagan witch who usually succeeds in not hexing bad drivers who piss her off. And, yes, she is kinky in real life, a kink educator, and spent over 7 years volunteering on the management team of a local dungeon.

She lives in her own little world but it’s okay, because they all know her there. And since learning at age 49 that she has ADHD, and then was diagnosed a year later with autism, it explains why all the “voices” in her head play so well together.

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  • 2010 EPIC Award for Horror: “Out of the Darkness” (writing as Lesli Richardson, Lyrical Press, re-released by Siren-BookStrand as Tymber Dalton)
  • 2010 EPIC finalist: “Cross Country Chaos,” “The Reluctant Dom”
  • 2011 EPIC Award for Contemporary Erotica: “Safe Harbor” (writing as Tymber Dalton, Siren-BookStrand)
Our sweet Gidget, who we lost to cancer in Feb. 2017
Just a crazy woman and a blue box…


...or, maybe just crazy...
…or, maybe just crazy…