This is a list of my current pre-orders, as well as some of the projects I’m currently working on, or which are coming soon.

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Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3)
They’re the toughest decision he’ll ever make. - Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3) by Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson. (Keywords: MMM, power exchange dynamics, political romance saga, secret workplace romance, close proximity, frenemies to lovers, May/Dec, Secret Service agent, wounded veteran, smol ...
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The Great Turning: Future Ages (Book 3)
Family first. And when your family is threatened, you will do whatever it takes to protect them, at any cost. Even if it means risking your soul in the process ...
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Inappropriate (Deviant Trilogy 1)
Oh, the thoughts he's having... - Inappropriate (Deviant Trilogy 1, Political Romance, MMM) writing as Lesli Richardson ...
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Salacious (Deviant Trilogy 2)
The best things are the baddest... - Salacious (Deviant Trilogy 2, Political Romance, MMM) writing as Lesli Richardson ...
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Depraved (Deviant Trilogy 3)
Sometimes, too much is not enough... - Depraved (Deviant Trilogy 3, Political Romance, MMM) writing as Lesli Richardson ...
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Bleacke Moments (Bleacke Shifters 8)
When you’re a Bleacke, every moment is a Bleacke moment… (Bleacke Shifters 8) by Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson. (mf, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, wolf shifters, Alpha wolf shifter heroine, cinnamon roll geek hero, HEA) ...
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Do I or Don't I? (Maudlin Falls 2)
Maudlin Falls - Book 2 Welcome to Maudlin Falls, where the residents are neighborly, the gossip is plenty, and the last roll of toilet paper is about to be sold at the Pig… (FF, low-angst, fluffy, sweet, small-town romance, second-chance romantic comedy, ...
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Stubborn Fates (Space Confederation 2)
Stubborn Fates (Space Confederation 2) available for pre-order now! ...
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Blow Shit Up!
Is your book or script currently bottomed out and stranded in a plothole? Join award-winning bestselling author Lesli Richardson (aka Tymber Dalton) as she not just hands you plotting prompts, but teaches you how to work your way out of your "writer's ...
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Coming Soon

Writing as Lesli Richardson

Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3)
The Great Turning: Future Ages (Book 3)
Bleacke Moments (Bleacke Shifters 8)
Do I or Don't I? (Maudlin Falls 2)
Stubborn Fates (Space Confederation 2)
Blow Shit Up!
Inappropriate (Deviant Trilogy 1)
Salacious (Deviant Trilogy 2)
Depraved (Deviant Trilogy 3)

Writing as Tymber Dalton

Hubby’s Pre-Orders

None at this time.

Most Recent Lesli Releases

Cross Country Chaos
Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex
Pet: A Governor Trilogy Novel (Governor Trilogy 5)
Acquainted With the Night
Fierce Radiance (Space Confederation 1)
How Many Times Do I Have to Say I'm Sorry? (Maudlin Falls 1)
All Souls' Night (A Midnight Doms Boxset)
Sacred (Devout Trilogy 1)
Profane (Devout Trilogy 2)
Penance (Devout Trilogy 3)
Bleacke Shifters Box Set 2 (Books 4-5)
Saudade (Maxim Colonies)
Her Vampire Obsession (Midnight Doms)
Bleacke Expectations (Bleacke Shifters 7)
Innocent (Inequitable Trilogy 2)
Indiscretion (Inequitable Trilogy 1)
Geek-Speak (Bleacke Shifters 6)
Yes, Governor (Governor Trilogy 4)
Farborn (Maxim Colonies)
A Bleacke Christmas (Bleacke Shifters 5)
Dirge (Devastation Trilogy 1)
Solace (Devastation Trilogy 2)
Release (Devastation Trilogy 3)
Jailmates (Maxim Colonies)
Dignity (Determination Trilogy 1)
Diligence (Determination Trilogy 2)
Desire (Determination Trilogy 3)
The Great Turning: Into the Turn (Book 2)
Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4)
Chief (Governor Trilogy 3)
Lieutenant (Governor Trilogy 2)
Governor (Governor Trilogy 1)
The Great Turning (Book 1)
Bleacke Shifters Box Set 1 (Books 1-3)
A Bleacke Wind (Bleacke Shifters 3)
Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2)
Of Boardwalks and Bison

Most Recent Tymber Releases

Good Friends (Suncoast Society)
Night by Night (Suncoast Society)
Excitable Boy (Suncoast Society)
Follow Me (Suncoast Society)
It'll Be Fun (Suncoast Society)
A New Chapter (Suncoast Society)
My Old Man (Suncoast Society)
You Don't Know What Love Is (Suncoast Society)
Simple Man, Simple Dream (Suncoast Society)
Real or Not (Suncoast Society)
Word of Mouth (Suncoast Society)
Numb As a Statue (Suncoast Society)
Happy Spank-O-Ween (Suncoast Society)
Suit and Tied (Suncoast Society)
Disorder in the House (Suncoast Society)
A Certain Girl (Suncoast Society)
Searching for a Heart (Suncoast Society)
Court and Spark (Suncoast Society)
Things to Do in Denver (Suncoast Society)
Come In From the Cold (Suncoast Society)
Our Gravity (Suncoast Society)
Love Slave for Two: Retribution (Book 6)
Love Slave for Two: Resilience (Book 5)

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