A Bad Publishing Contract Deconstructed, Part 2 – The Ugly Truth

See other posts in the series: Part 1 | Part 3 Okay, so we’re deconstructing THIS contract from a Maine university site. Apparently, several small start-up publishers have latched on to it and are using it as their “standard” contract for digital-first presses. Ugh. I’m using it as-is from the website. Some of the publishers made … Read More

A Bad Publishing Contract Deconstructed, Part 1

A Bad Publishing Contract Deconstructed, Part 1

Other parts in the series: Part 2 | Part 3 This is a follow-up to my post the other day, the pop quiz about red flags in publishing contracts. Apparently, several new start-up publishers have stumbled upon this contract and have actually decided to use it for their own. Since it’s readily available on the … Read More

Pop Quiz: Contracts

Pop Quiz: Which of these are HUGE red flags in a publishing contract? a) Charging for editing. b) “Life of copyright” contract length terms. c) Asking for rights other than ebook and print formats. d) “Net” not clearly specified. e) Taking ownership of copyright for length of contract. f) Nebulous “editing” clauses that allow the … Read More

Trainwreck in the making — an author arguing with reviewers.

What NOT to do as a writer… http://writeyourassoff.blogspot.com/2013/06/one-more-timedo-not-argue-with-reviewers.html Seriously, do NOT argue with reviewers. I learned this hard lesson early in my career. Believe me, it NEVER ends well, and the author in this case is not only arguing with reviewers, but is doing so ARROGANTLY. *smh* If you can’t handle getting negative reviews, DO … Read More

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