So I did something totally not like me today – left the house over an hour EARLY (thank you very much) to take my husband’s car to the Honda dealer for a warranty recall check. It was getting ready to storm and I thought I’d miss the worst of it.

Not so much.

I drove through a fricking MONSOON on the way to the dealer. Pouring down rain when I got there. Fortunately I had my MP3 player with me and headphones because the freakishly friendly staff kept asking everyone in the waiting room every ten seconds if they needed coffee or a banana or a bagel or hot tea…

No. I just want my FREAKING CAR DONE.

I’m pounding away on my laptop with the screen turned down as low as I can and folded at an odd angle to prevent anyone looking over my shoulder, because the WIP (work in progress) I was …progressively working on…has some racy stuff in it. Plus it’s rude to read over someone’s shoulder.

Difficult to try to put together a love scene with a room full of people around. (Hard enough to do it with the dogs staring at me here at home!)

I admit, I’m a ‘tetch’ anti-social when I work. A-hem. Okay. So I’m A LOT anti-social when I’m working. I told my dh that if we ever build a house, I want a sound-proofed, land-mined office to lock myself in.

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