Welcome to Tales from the Snark Side

Hi, my name is Lesli, and I’m a blogaholic…

This blog will be focused (mostly) on my writing and writing-related issues, like plugging other writers, book reviews/recommendations, etc.

You can link to a couple of my other blogs in the sidebar, but my writing-related issues will land here in this new home.

I’ll also be adding links to other writers as I build this blog. You can click the link join the e-mail list. No, I’m not narcissistic, but it seemed easier to just name it after me, since that’s my name. Hey, if MaryJanice Davidson can do it…so can I. (It’s called branding. And to think your local government pays consultants bazillions of tax dollars to work out their branding for them.)

Oops, slipped into a snark there.

So have fun, enjoy, and look forward to hearing from you. Snark on!

Welcome to Tales from the Snark Side
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