Today’s WIP Wednesday comes from A Wolf in the Fold, my working title for Triple Trouble 6. Triple Trouble 5, Out of Smoke and Ashes, releases on 5/24 from Siren-BookStrand.


“Thirty seconds,” Elain called out.

The pack of shifters tensed. Even Wally, who’d opted to run it shifted, lumbered from sitting up into a four-footed running stance. Jan, Rick, and Kael were in their smaller dragon forms and would likely give Wally a walk for his money.

The seconds ticked down. “Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…” She was vaguely aware of the Beasts suddenly bursting into frustrated cries but didn’t look or stop the count. “Four…three…two…one!”

The pack let out an excited shout, as if now one melded beast. They headed off into the woods, following the trail Darryl had set.

Another, different cry hit Elain’s ears over the din of the racing shifters.

Mai screaming.

Elain turned to look and realized the Beasts were doing their best to crawl off the blanket toward the rapidly disappearing runners. And BettLynn was missing.

And a little brown and black ball of fur went wobbling past Elain.

Elain ran across the yard toward Mai. “What happened?”

Lina, who’d gone inside to pee, came bolting through the doors to help Carla try to corral the Beasts, who had made their way completely off the blanket.

“BettLynn!” Mai screamed, running toward Elain.

Elain turned. Her men had just hit the woods, the little furball catching up and gaining speed as it got its wobbly legs under control. Then everything finally clicked in her brain as she remembered her vision from earlier that morning. “Brodey!” she screamed. “Stop! Grab her!”

WIP Wednesday: A Wolf in the Fold (Triple Trouble 6)