I mentioned a few weeks ago I’d had to ditch my previous writing program SuperNotecard due to it totally fucking not working anymore problems with it after a Java update broke it and the programmers’ not giving a shit lack of a timely response to addressing the issue. Thus since word slinging is sort of how I pay my bills and put food on my table, and my writing software is an invaluable part of my writing process, I switched to Scrivener.

Well, ironically, now that I’ve switched to a MacBook Air from a PC-flavored laptop, I had to get the Mac version of Scrivener which I already knew had more features.

And now, the same company’s come out with Scapple for Mac, an AWESOME mindmap software that totally gets me. (I think I’m in lurrrrrve!)

No, it’s not available for PCs as of this writing, although they say they’re working on it.

I tried it the other day and immediately bought it. (Shut up and take my money!) Especially when I found I could literally drag and drop my entire mindmap from Scapple into a corkboard folder on Scrivener, in the SAME arrangement as it was in the mindmap (Mac Scrivener has a free-form corkboard that the PC version doesn’t yet.)




Yes, I’m hooked. I’m in love, and definitely not regretting my decision to switch to the MacBook Air. (Also, was able to stream something from my MacBook Air to our Apple TV device so we could watch it on the living room TV the other night. WOW!)

So if you’re considering a Mac, GET IT. Yes, they’re more expensive, but now I’m mentally whacking myself on the head for not getting one sooner. And if you’re on the fence about Scrivener (in either flavor) don’t be. BUY. IT. Do yourself the favor and use the free trial, and get the Dummies book for it. I know there are more advanced features I haven’t even tapped into yet, but I’m really loving the software now that I’ve totally made love to it gotten to know it better.

Scapple is definitely worth a look-see if you like free-flow note-taking. I’ve already transcribed a shit-ton of handwritten notes from my WIP notebook into Scapple and dragged them into Scrivener.

Now, please excuse me while I go get cuddly with Spunky (my MacBook Air) and get this WIP cranked out.

The great Scrivener conversion update.
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