10264618_717732731598767_7616903098562849280_nIn a group I recently joined (not about romance books) a moderator apparently just returned after an absence due to a death in the family and was remarking about a troll bitching about the group having a 1984 mentality (ie censorship). I always laugh when I see stuff like this, because in the 18+ years I’ve been running email lists and groups and discussion forums, and now groups on Facebook, the trolls stay the same and say the same damn things. So I’m starting a “troll bingo” game for group/list/forum admins. LOL These can also be varied depending on the topic. For example, groups about BDSM can really go to town with additional topics about WTW, FSoG, etc. LOL

If you get six or more of these (plus the wild card) you win. Well, “win” at being an admin who probably is good at what you do if you haven’t gone crazy, pulled all your hair out, or completely nuked the whole group/forum after dealing with some of these kinds of people. LOL

Shall we play a game? 🙂

( )Censorship
( )You aren’t the boss of me!
( )S/he disagrees with me = flame attack!
( )This group is lame/wait don’t boot me.
( )This is my first day–let me complain about the rules and demand you change them to suit me.
( )Why should I leave the group when I want to be here?
( )Rules? Your rules don’t apply to me, I’m speesshulll.
( )Your rules aren’t stringent enough.
( )Are you going to let him/her talk to me like that?
( )I’m going to start my own group–who’s with me?
( )Why don’t you go start your own group, you whiner!
( )I joined the other group to spy on them and they’re LAME-O!
( )I know this group is about X, but I really want to discuss Y even though the rules say not to…
( )Let’s take a vote and MAKE the admins change the rules!
( )Shut up, you’re just a kid, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
( )Shut up, you old codger, you’re behind the times.
( )You’re not a REAL _____ if you don’t ______.
( )I’m a more REAL _____ than you are!
( )You’re all fake.
( )Sheeple! You’re all sheeple!
( )Spamspamspamspam…
( )How DARE you ban me for SPAMMING!!! I shall try to rejoin using five thousand fake IDs so I can spam you some more.
( )It CAN’T be spam if the system lets me do it, you assholes!
( )*snooty tone* THIS is what you’re doing wrong as the admin, and THIS is what you SHOULD be doing.
( )I’m butthurt because someone didn’t stroke my ego. WHY AREN’T YOU STROKING MY EGO?
( )You’re wrong and I’m right and if you don’t agree with me, you’re stupid.
( )You’re stupid for thinking you’re right.
( )You’re all stupid, lolz, and I just hacked ALL of your accounts because you use your pets’ names for passwords.
( )You’re a fake hacker–prove you’re a hacker.
( )I’m leaving in a huffy flounce because THIS isn’t why the group was started originally and WHY can’t you be like we were in the beginning and OMG new people CHANGE RAWR!
( )Wild Card Slot (random trolling/whining/bitchiness/butthurt/spam)

Edited to add some:

( )Caught at doing one or more of the above but they deny everything… (Thanks, Tara!)

(The following are more for email lists than forums, but still…)

( )Dumbass, you have to send that to the listserv address.
( )Who you calling a dumbass, jackass?
( )Hey, admin, did you see what they’re doing? (sent to whole list, of course)
( )Hey, dumbass tattletale, you posted that to the WHOLE FREAKING LIST.
( )WHY am I getting SO MUCH MAIL! I’m getting like FIVE emails a DAY from this list!
( )Hey, dumbass, quit whining. I get a THOUSAND emails a day before lunch and answer them all from my phone while driving on the interstate!
( )*chime in over half of the email list answering ON the list telling the person how to go digest/no mail*
( )Reply all doofus with “me, too” on a 30-message digest…
( )…followed by SEVERAL other people replying the FULL digest text from earlier messages…BACK to the whole list…
( )…followed by LOTS of people bitching about deleting extra text before hitting reply…
( )…followed by even MORE people bitching about the people bitching…

Admins, feel free to chime in with any I missed. LOL

Admin troll bingo game.
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6 thoughts on “Admin troll bingo game.

  • April 23, 2014 at 11:27 am

    ( )Caught at doing one or more of the above but they deny everything…

  • April 24, 2014 at 10:20 am

    I am not an admin anything…. but sometimes you have to laugh or you cry… Thanks, Tymber

    • April 26, 2014 at 11:28 am

      @Vanessa – LOL Yep. Sometimes, nuking a group just isn’t a good option. LOL

  • April 24, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    I also am not a admin, but had to say I loved this!! You made my day.

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