Adult Excerpt: A Merry Little Kinkmas (Suncoast Society)

s-td-ss-merrylittlekinkmas3Here are story and adult excerpts from A Merry Little Kinkmas (Suncoast Society  13) which is now available.


Seth and Leah are putting on a kinky Christmas party for some of their closest friends in the Suncoast Society. How do kinksters celebrate the holidays? One thing’s for sure—sexy fun will most certainly be on the agenda. From singing kinky carols, to playing their own festive reindeer games, have a voyeuristic visit with some of your favorite characters. It gives a whole new meaning to “decking the halls.”

And just wait until you get a load of Santa’s sack…


In a moment of weakness, and without properly considering the possibilities, Cali had agreed to play bottom to her two men for the Christmas party. The private parties were always a little wilder than club play, because people could get as sexy as they wanted with their play, as long as they didn’t disturb the neighbors.

They’d no sooner arrived at Seth and Leah’s that Max and Sean pulled Cali off to the side in the living room, where no one was currently located, and had her strip.

“Can’t we at least go say hello to everyone, first?” she asked as she started peeling off her dress.

Max wore an ear-splitting grin. “Oh, we will, sweetheart,” he said. “First, we have to get you appropriately attired.”

“I’m afraid to ask,” she said as she stood there totally naked.

“It’s a Christmas party!” Sean shook his head. “Duh.” He unzipped the large duffel bag he’d brought with him and pulled out what looked like miles of tinsel in various colors.

“Uh, holy crap,” she muttered.

Now she understood the evil gleam in Max’s eye when he’d packed their Violet Wand kit.

The tinsel would light up her life.


The men used the strands of tinsel to tie a chest harness that made her boobs stand out. Max also bound her hands behind her back, the tinsel holding her arms securely against her sides. Then Max produced a vibrating egg, turned it on with the remote control, and held it in front of her.

“Guess where this is going, babe?”

“I’m guessing not up your ass.”

He chuckled. “Oh, you’re so cute when you realize you’ve been suckered. Spread ’em.”

She did, knowing she’d end up on the winning end of things by the time the evening was over. Hopefully with a very sore, red ass, and a very well-fucked pussy. Her two switchy men never failed to keep her satisfied.

He slid the vibrating egg inside her, drawing a gasp from her as he took his time and let it linger over her clit for a little while first. Then he used more tinsel to form a makeshift harness around her hips and between her legs, making sure the egg would stay in place and that her clit would be chafed by the stuff.

He grinned and handed the remote off to Sean. “Get the game started.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Oh, this is a reverse Easter egg hunt,” he said as Sean scampered away, giggling like a maniac. “Everyone’ll already know where the egg is. Your job will be to find the remote control.”

“Son of a bitch,” she muttered, getting even wetter. Everyone here at the party was a friend of hers, so that didn’t bother her. And if she got tired of their game, she’d simply call it, and it would end.

But her friends, most of them sadists, or at the very least submissives willing to throw her under the bus, would likely be playing a game of keep-away with her all night long.

No doubt changing the vibrator settings, too.

“They’re not allowed to lie and say they don’t have it if they do,” Max told her, still wearing that silly grin. “But they are allowed to pass it around, sometimes back to the same person. Your job will be to figure out who has it.”


He leaned in, sucking on her left nipple, making her gasp. “You don’t get to come until we go home,” he said. He sucked on her right nipple. “You’ll get to stay nice and horny and worked up until we get home and fuck your brains out.”

Dammit. He was right about that. While she enjoyed the vibrating egg, it wasn’t enough to get her over the edge without help, although it intensified the hell out of orgasms when it was inside her at the same time.

And it would keep her horny.

He produced two nipple clamps, with little plastic red and green Christmas balls hanging from them. He clipped first one, then the other, to her nipples, making her moan and increasing her torment.

From out on the lanai, she heard a woman laugh. Then Shayla stuck her head around the corner, spotted them standing there, giggled, and disappeared again.

Well, there went Cali’s first suspect. Shayla wouldn’t have it right now because it’d be too obvious.

Cali stared up at Max.

He was loving the fuck out of this.

“Hope you remember this night next time I’m in charge,” she warned.

His grin widened. “I’m counting on it, sweetheart. Oh, almost forgot.”

He leaned over and pulled out a tiger-print Santa hat and settled it on top of her head. “There you go.”

She rolled her eyes up in her head. “This is borderline humiliation play. You realize that, right?”

“Take it or safeword,” he said with an evil grin.

Hmph. Challenge accepted.

And he damn well knew it.


June patiently waited while Mark quickly tied her, easily hoisting her up one-armed so she could grab onto the ring and hold it while he secured the suspension ropes. Since he was playing Santa tonight, they were playing early and getting it out of the way so the frame would be clear for others.

She didn’t have to teach again until after New Year’s, meaning tonight’s play could go as far as her husband wanted to take it without worrying about marking her.

And she damned sure was looking forward to it. No matter how many times she’d assured him he could spank her and not worry about bruises on her ass or upper thighs, he’d refused to do it unless she had a break for several days after. She would simply wear black yoga pants or tights while teaching yoga and gymnastics. No worries on her part.

Mucho worries for Mark. She hadn’t even cared if she did the shoots for his bondage rigging books fully nude and with her face visible, but Scrye the guy was far more cautious in their private life than anyone ever dreamed. She knew her friends wondered how she dealt with her large, bouncy bear of a man, but the truth was he was a slowly lumbering teddy bear compared to some of the hyperactive heathens she had to deal with in her gymnastics classes.

She far preferred teaching yoga, but since her sister ran the gymnastics academy, it wasn’t like June could flip her a bird and tell her sayonara, sucker, and walk away from it.

Since Scrye put family above all else, it wasn’t worth the battle on both sides of the fence to give up teaching gymnastics yet. Their two girls were in college now. It was time for them to have their life, and she wanted it, dammit. She envied Mike and Jenny, freely able to explore the BDSM lifestyle and carve out their niche.

“Okay, babe,” Scrye said, both hands under her, ready to catch her. “Put your weight on it.”

She lowered herself until she felt the slack go out of the rope, then let go of the ring. Scrye pulled his hands away and she arched her back, letting her arms and legs stretch, sending herself lazily spinning in a circle.

Which she knew wouldn’t continue for very long. Scrye made a few subtle tweaks to the suspension ropes, adjusting the height and angling her hips slightly lower than her head to make it more comfortable for her. Then he grabbed another piece of rope, caught her left foot, and bent her leg back at the knee. Working fast, he tied her ankle to her ass, immobilizing her leg. Her arms next, under her and behind her back, and then her right leg.

Fuzzy edges along her mind started to cloak her in subspace, something that she hadn’t experienced in far too long. With her knees spread wide, Scrye reached between her legs, sliding a vibrator into her pussy.

“Enjoy, baby. I know it’s been a while.” He switched on the vibrator.

She closed her eyes, basking in the sensations, knowing the swing was coming and ready for the hard, stingy smack of the paddle against the inside of her right thigh.

Here we go…

The orgasm hit her, making her arch her back in the ropes even more as Scrye alternated hard, stingy swats from the paddle with fucking the vibrator deep inside her pussy.

He knew how to keep her going. He laid the paddle on her stomach and started tormenting her nipples, pinching them hard the way she loved. After a few minutes, he grabbed another piece of rope and quickly rigged it so the vibrator would stay in place, giving him both hands free to use on her.

Which he did. Bare-handed swats, the paddle, an even stingier cane—she relished every stroke, every electric jolt of pain rushing through her, swirling and mixing with the pleasure, enriching it as she flew.

She loved the pain, loved the endorphins it brought, loved the deep subspace it drove her into.

It could have been five minutes or five hours she writhed in the comforting confinement of the ropes before she felt Scrye step between her legs. He untied the rope holding the vibrator in place then removed the vibrator and set it aside.

The next sensation was his cock filling her, plunging all the way inside her as he used the hip harness to hold and fuck her. His cock pounding into her triggered another orgasm as he unleashed himself. In bed he would use soft leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles to restrain her, but still maintained that fear of marking her.

Now he was like an animal, rutting, slamming his body into hers, brutalizing her the delicious way she wished he’d fuck her every single time.


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Adult Excerpt: A Merry Little Kinkmas (Suncoast Society)
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