Adult Excerpt: Love Slave for Two (Book 1)

This steamy excerpt is from my bestseller, “Love Slave for Two,” writing as Tymber Dalton. (MMF reverse harem, D/s, M/s, BDSM-lite, contemporary, HEA.) I guarantee you’ll never look at a Popsicle the same way again! *G*

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[Siren Menage Amour #21: Contemporary/ Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, M/M, M/F, monogamous polyamory, anal play/sex, master/slave role-playing, light BDSM]

Nevvie Barton has never truly felt loved or like she belonged anywhere–ever. Abandoned by her adopted family and trapped in an abusive relationship, she takes a job with Tyler Paulson and Thomas Kinsey as their cleaning girl.

Nevvie knows her fantasies about “the boys” will always be just that–the two handsome men are devoted, loving life-partners. Then Tyler and Thomas fall in love with Nevvie and hatch a secret plan to seduce her and make her their permanent third.

For the first time in her life, she feels attractive and wanted. When they ask her to move in and be their personal assistant, Nevvie jumps at the chance. Her planned escape doesn’t go without a hitch, and the boys must rescue her from a brutal man who would rather kill her than let her go.

Can Tyler and Thomas heal Nevvie’s wounded body and soul and prove to her that she really is their dream come true?


Nevvie was on her hands and knees in the backyard flowerbeds, weeding and preparing to plant the trays of annuals she’d bought at the garden center. It would look nice, a good color contrast, and she could change them out late in the summer after they’d run their course.

It was hot for May, not even ten and already eighty-five degrees under a scorching, cloudless Florida sky. With the privacy fence surrounding the backyard she didn’t have to worry about prying eyes, and opted for a loose tank-top and a pair of Tom’s old sleeping shorts to wear, and nothing else. It kept her cool, and when she was ready to hose off she knew Tyler would come running to help.

She smiled at the thought. He was preternaturally sensitive, like he constantly had an ear to the ground. Not in a creepy way, but it never failed to amuse her how he would “just happen” to show up to help take a shower.

Then again, he was the same with Thomas.

Mmm. There’s a thought. A nice shower sandwich between her boys. Her skin flushed. She needed to focus or she’d be hornier than hell, and she hated interrupting Tyler. Thomas had left at seven for the office, had meetings all day, and wouldn’t be home until after dinner.

She’d suck it up until later. That would make her really ready. They’d all been exhausted the night before, too tired to do more than say good night. Today her fantasies made her pay for it.

The novelty of having two horny guys chasing her hadn’t worn off yet. They didn’t make love every day, and they didn’t play the slave game most the time, either. If she was tired or didn’t feel good and they were in the mood, she was more than content to lay there with them and watch them, talking to them, touching them while they pleasured each other. Sometimes one of the boys was in the mood and the other wasn’t. Again, the third content to watch and be a part simply by being there, or even by holding her while the other fucked her. There were plenty of times where it started like that, then the third got in the mood along the way.

She enjoyed cuddling in front of the TV with one or both and not getting groped if she wasn’t in the mood. Sometimes all she wanted was the contact of their skin against hers, and they were happy to oblige.

She moved down the flowerbed, stretching to reach a weed on the far side near the fence. Almost like Thomas’ favorite position…

Okay, so not helping–

“Isn’t that a lovely sight.”

She jumped, startled. She turned to see Tyler, wearing shorts and nothing else, smiling at her.

“I thought you were working.”

He sucked an orange Popsicle, working on it in a way that made her pussy quiver. “I was. I stopped for a break and I spied an angel in my backyard.” He squatted beside her, his eyes holding hers. “Or are you a devil in disguise?” He touched the cold treat to her lips.

She ran her tongue around the tip of the frozen snack. “I suppose that’s for you to decide, isn’t it?”

The front of his shorts tented. “How do you suppose I determine that?” he whispered hoarsely.

This wasn’t helping, but screw it, she was horny and it wasn’t like she was interrupting his work. She sat back on her heels. “I guess you’ll just have to figure that out for yourself.” She stripped off her shirt and went back to her weeding, casting a “fuck me” glance over her shoulder.

He reached out with one hand and slid the shorts down her backside. She kicked them off, leaving her totally naked as she knelt on the grass. He caressed her cheeks with his left hand and whispered, “Just keep doing what you’re doing, love.”

She did, and when his hand explored between her legs she spread them a little, a hungry moan escaping her.

“Do you like that, sweetheart?” he asked.

She nodded, hanging her head and watching his hand between her legs. Sweat trickled down her back and neck in the hot sun, and so what if she ended up with a hellacious sunburn? She didn’t care, as long as he didn’t stop.

After a moment he pulled his hand away, resting it on her hip. She moaned. “No…please don’t stop…”

“Don’t worry, I’m not. It looks like you’re very hot, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

She nodded.

“Would you like me to cool you off?”

She nodded, wiggling her hips, hoping he’d do something, anything, to get her off.

He placed his hand on the small of her back. “Hold still, then, and let me cool you off.”

She jumped when she felt something cold between her legs–the Popsicle–but he kept his hand on her back, firmly holding her in place. He swirled it around her entrance, running it over her clit and then slowly inserted it, fucking her with it.

She moaned. The cold in contrast to how hot she was made her shiver with pleasure.

“Do you like that?” He fucked her with a slow, deep rhythm, knowing her body, knowing what he was doing to her.


“Spread your legs wider, sweetheart.” She did while he changed position. Then he was lying under her, his lips and tongue massaging her swollen nub while he fucked the frozen treat into her. It didn’t take long.

“Oh, Tyler!” She exploded, grinding against him while he kept wave after wave of pleasure racing through her body. She collapsed, her head on her forearms as he slid out from under her. She rolled over on her back in the grass, trying to catch her breath, his hand still between her legs holding the Popsicle–what was left of it–in place. He finally sat up and removed it, then sucked on it.

“So, are you angel or devil?”

She crooked her finger and he lay beside her, propped on one elbow. She opened her mouth and he touched the treat to her lips. She sucked on it, her eyes never leaving his. He pulled it out and kissed her, then tossed it away and rolled on top of her. At some point he’d removed his shorts and he slid into her, both moaning as he buried his throbbing cock into her wet and ready sex.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he fucked her. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re a beautiful angel, Nevvie. My sweet angel with a devilish streak that has me under your control.”

She grabbed the back of his head, grinding her mouth and hips into him. Then she broke their kiss and whispered in his ear, “Then fuck your angel, Tyler, and feel what heaven’s like.”

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Adult Excerpt: Love Slave for Two (Book 1)
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    Ooh, one of my favourite scenes…I feel a re-read might be in order!
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  • May 4, 2012 at 12:36 am

    “Love Slave for Two” (Book 1) was my first ever Tymber Dalton book and I was hooked. No author has made me FEEL the characters like you and I want to say thank you for sharing your stories with me.

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