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[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Dive charter captain Mitch Jackson is ready to divorce her cheating ex and take a chance on romance with friend and business partner Ed Grey. She’s tired of her love life being on hold. Truth be told, she’s always carried a torch for Ed, but worried that their age difference made Ed think of her as the kid he knew.

Ed has silently loved Mitch for years. Her impending divorce will finally give him a chance to voice his true emotions. Unfortunately, life is never that simple. When they stumble upon a sunken drug vessel, a desperate criminal who’s closer to them than they realize wants to send Mitch to a permanent watery grave.

Now, Mitch and Ed are on the run from a wily serial killer intent on stopping Mitch from testifying. Will their love survive a murderer’s vengeance, or will he spill their blood on another Red Tide?

Note: This book contains excessive violence.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.


The simple dinner tasted delicious. When she shifted position in bed, she involuntarily groaned.

“You okay, hon?” he asked.

“Just really stiff.”

He cleared the dishes. “Lie down and I’ll give you a back rub.”

“That sounds wonderful.” It took her a moment to change positions, and even though she now did want to fall asleep, the heat from his hands set her desire ablaze again. Ten minutes into it, she rolled over and sat up.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Mitch smiled. “Not a thing.” She leaned in, covering his mouth with hers. His lips felt warm and tender on hers, and she savored the feel of her fingers sliding through his hair. This was what she’d wanted, dreamed about, for years.

Ignoring her aching muscles, she pushed Ed down to the bed and straddled his legs. His rigid cock, unrestrained by briefs, tented the fabric of his shorts. She teased him through the fabric, using her fingernails to trace every ridge. Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband and pulled them down and off his hips. She sat up so he could kick his legs free of them, and she tossed them off the bed.

Mitch let out a sigh. “Perfect.” She leaned in and engulfed the head with her lips, her pussy clenching and growing wet at the sound of his moan. He grabbed two fistfuls of her hair.

“More, baby. Please.”

With one hand, she grabbed the base of his cock, slowly pumping it with her hand as she teased him with her tongue.

His back arched and he let out a soft groan. She resisted his efforts to take him in deeper. Instead, she cupped his sac with her other hand. His musky scent filled her nose as drops of salty pre-cum rewarded her efforts.

“That’s it,” he whispered.

His husky tone spurred her on, and she slid her mouth farther down his rigid shaft. His cock felt hard, hot, like silky steel between her lips and in her hand. His balls drew up tight in her other hand as his shaft stiffened even more.

“I’m gonna come, baby!”

She went deep, swallowing, fisting his shaft faster and harder until she felt his juices explode in her mouth. Only after she knew he was completely spent did she release him. He softly stroked her hair while she nestled her cheek on his stomach and waited for him to recover.

“How was that?” she softly asked.

He let out a laugh she knew all too well. “You really have to ask?”

She tipped her head back to look up at him, still uncertain. “Just making sure.”

Carefully, he slipped out from under her and rolled her onto her back. He pushed the shirt open and bent his head to her left breast. She closed her eyes and moaned at the feel of his warm mouth teasing her. Every flick of his tongue sent more pulses of need straight to her pussy, which clenched in time with his ministrations.

He resisted her attempts to hurry him and teased her nipples with his lips, back and forth, until she shook with passion. She felt her juices flowing, her labia and clit slick with them. When he finally moved and settled between her legs, her fingers entwined in his hair.

“You’re so wet, baby,” he murmured, his breath brushing against her swollen clit and making her moan again. He flicked his tongue against her nub, making her moan.

“Please!” she begged.

“I’ve waited a long time for this,” he hoarsely said. “I’m not rushing.” He buried his face between her legs, his tongue exploring every inch of her slit, his nose brushing against her clit in a deliciously teasing way.

She lost track of time. The first explosion rolled out of her, and she grabbed at the sheets as it felt like a supernova had gone off inside her. No one, not even the skilled John Tyne, had ever made her explode like that.

Ed wasn’t done. When she tried to push him away, he grabbed her hands and laced his fingers through hers, pinning her arms to the bed. She lifted her head to look at him. His playful blue gaze peered up at her over the swell of her mound before a smile crinkled the corners of his eyes. Then he closed them again and sucked on her clit, pulling another orgasm from her just as powerful as the first.

She clamped down on his hands and held on through wave after wave of pleasure. It wasn’t until he finally released her with a gentle kiss to her navel that she could finally catch her breath.

She grabbed him and pulled his mouth down to hers. The taste of her juices on his lips thrilled her. She was his, now. As long as he’d have her.

Grabbing his cock, she tried to line it up with her slit when he stopped her and sat up. “Condoms?”

Fuck! She shook her head. “I’m on the Pill. Plus, I got tested after I left John.”

He grinned and bent down to kiss her again. This time when she found and wrapped her fingers around his cock, he let her position him, rubbing the once again engorged head up and down along her wet slit.

Bracing his hands on the mattress on either side of her, his gaze never left hers as he slowly sank his cock deep inside her.

(Note: A couple of my characters from “Out of the Darkness” pop up in “Red Tide.”)

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Adult Excerpt: "Red Tide"
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