Now that I got today’s spleenage vented… LOL

It looks like the release date for Two Geeks and Their Girl (mfm) is going to be August 2…my wedding anniversary. *big grin* Yes, I’m taking that as a good sign. (There are three cameos/references in there that lovers of Tony, my Love Slave for Two series, and my Good Will Ghost Hunting series will love. LOL No, it’s not a paranormal or a BDSM, but I love to have “walkthroughs” in my books from other series. LOL)

August 8 is the 5th anniversary of my very first book being published, too. So it’s a good month. 🙂

And yes, we’re currently being dumped on by TS Andrea, but it’s mostly a non-event for us. Just well-needed rain.

Yes, I’m working on Triple Trouble 6 to get it submitted. The second book in the Bleacke Shifters series is in edits (I’m still waffling on the title). I’m working on another BDSM wip to get it submitted, called Pinch Me, a mf with thriller/mystery elements, and the next installment of my Suncoast Society series. And the next Coffeeshop Coven series book (Sachi’s story, titled Lost Bird.) I’m trying to keep the Coming Soon box updated on the main page with dates when I have them.

Oh, and Many Blessings (Coffeeshop Coven 1) is now available on Kindle. Keep an eye out for the print version coming soon.

And now for something different…

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  • June 7, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    Wow! You are so busy you are making MY head spin. But selfishly I am eagerly awaiting the dates so I can be at the computer waiting … waiting…. 🙂 Always having something to look forward to is great as well.

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