Today’s Snippet Saturday selection comes from Out of Smoke and Ashes (Triple Trouble 5).

Adult Excerpt:

With every minute that ticked by, despite the assurances of Lina and Lacey and even her own gut instincts, Elain couldn’t help but wonder if her mom was okay.Or if she was even still alive.

They heard nothing from the kidnappers or Abernathy. When Daniel finally called Ain back and told him about Abernathy’s request for another meeting, she thought her head would explode.

“Why the fuck are we not tracking him down now and torturing him to death?”

“Because if we do,” Ain said, “we’ll likely never see Mom again.”

“Not alive,” Ortega Montalvo agreed.

Elain pushed herself up out of her chair. “I can’t just sit here,” she said as she headed for the sliders leading out back. “I need a run or I’m going to kill something.”

Cail and Brodey followed her outside. When she tried to protest, Cail grabbed her hands and held them close to her chest. “This is what people do when they’re married,” he softly said. “They lean on each other. We’ll run with you.”

“Are you going to make me take you with me?”

“No, but we hope you won’t push us away.”

She stared into his sweet brown eyes. Even the Alpha rearing its raging head inside her couldn’t help but agree. “Okay,” she softly said.

Together they undressed. The men waited until Elain had completed her shift to make their own. They let her take the lead. As she loped toward the woods behind the house, Brodey, then Cail, fell in step behind her.

Run…run…run… Part of Elain wanted to completely let go to the Alpha, let it take over the way it had that night of the chase, rob her of conscious thought and give her a few moments of blissful relief from this waking nightmare.

Around her, the world melted away until the blood pounding through her veins and the air burning in her lungs were the only things on her mind. Without conscious thought, her stride lengthened, pace increased, until she was in a flat-out run. Her body flew across the ground as a mournful howl ripped from her lips, echoing the pain in her soul.

* * * *

Just a few steps behind her and having to push himself to keep up, Brodey’s heart nearly broke over the sound of her howl. He’d loved and lost a lot in his years, friends and family both, not to mention the deaths of their parents. Fought a lot of battles. Said a lot of good-byes.

This hurt even more, knowing that at this time there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to take her pain away.

Behind them Cail stumbled going over a log and took a header on the other side, causing him to fall behind. Brodey didn’t even take the time to laugh or call back a taunt, not wanting to lose sight of Elain. He didn’t want to leave her alone.

He didn’t even know if she had a destination in mind or planned on running until she exhausted herself. He hoped she had enough sense of mind to stay on their property and not leave the relative safety of the ranch. If she didn’t, he was prepared to head her off.

On they ran, Cail struggling to catch up with them under the blistering pace.

Damn, she must have been great at cross-country track. Even in his younger days he’d rarely kept up such a pace for this long without his hide or someone else’s being on the line. As the hours ticked on and she wove a convoluted path around the wooded areas of the ranch, he felt his own energy waning. A few times he’d tried to talk with her, break through her Alpha to the woman inside, but each attempt met with the mindless buzz of a wolf encased in anger and grief.

He wasn’t sure what time it was, but by the position of the moon in the sky he guessed it was well after midnight when she took a path that would lead her straight at the fence along the ranch’s far eastern boundary. When she made no move to change trajectory, he realized she was planning on staying her course and leaving the ranch.


Cail had dropped back a good hundred yards by that point, probably only keeping up by tracking their scent.

Babe, take a turn. Don’t leave the ranch.

Nothing but a low buzz of static met his attempts to talk with her through their mate bond.

Digging deep, he pushed himself harder and managed to pull close enough to her he could reach out and snap at her hindquarters. It took him three attempts to get more than a mouthful of fur, but he finally latched on and just stopped running, the momentum sending them both tumbling in a pile of legs and fur.

Before she could recover, he shifted back and pinned her to the ground, his forearm across her throat, the full weight of his body covering hers. “Shift back, Elain!” he bellowed, hoping she wasn’t so far gone the edict wouldn’t work.

She struggled, whining and snapping at him, unable to throw him off.

Cail finally caught up and shifted mid-run to join him.

“What happened?”

“Just fucking help me hold her down!” Brodey yelled.

Cail lay across her hindquarters while Brodey changed position across her shoulders, finally managing to clamp his fingers around her muzzle and forcing her to look at him, to make eye contact.

Shift back!” he ordered again.

Both men had to quickly readjust position as she was suddenly naked and struggling beneath them, wordlessly screaming, tears streaming from her eyes.

“Oh, babe,” Cail said.

Brodey gathered her into his arms and rocked her while Cail cuddled close and stroked her hair. She screamed and screamed, sobbing, wailing, the keening sound biting through Brodey’s soul every bit as sharply as he knew it was Cail’s. Their gaze met over her head and the brothers knew all they could do was let her get it out of her system.

Eventually she cried herself hoarse as she worked the worst of the anger and grief out of her system. Still wracked by choking sobs, she finally opened her eyes and stared up at the sky. “Why can’t he just leave us all alone?” she managed.

Cail carefully wiped at her tears with his thumbs. “I don’t know, babe,” he softly said. “I wish I had an answer for you.”

“Some people,” Brodey added, “are just batcrap crazy.”

* * * *

Elain couldn’t process her emotions. The Alpha inside her, only temporarily sated by the run, still angrily paced. Wanting justice.

Wanting vengeance.

Wanting to maim and kill.

She knew she needed something to take her mind off wanting to commit mayhem.

No better way I know. She grabbed Brodey and kissed him, hard and deep. At first taken by surprise, he barely missed a beat as he rolled her onto her back and pinned her to the grass.

Cail grabbed her hands and held them over her head. “Submit,” he growled.

This was what she wanted. A struggle she knew she wouldn’t win, but that would help release some of the pent-up rage inside her in a healthy way.

She tried to throw Brodey off, knowing she couldn’t and hoping her horny bonehead would immediately take the hint.

Thrashing against him, she did manage to get a leg loose and kick him in the chest, sending him flying. It was enough she could twist free of Cail’s grip and try to scramble away from him across the grass.

“So that’s the way you want to play it,” Brodey said as he got to his feet.

Cail bolted after her, dropping her a few feet away with a flying tackle that sent them both sprawling across the ground. Brodey, now fully into the action, got a fistful of her hair and pulled as he threw his body on top of hers.

“Submit, mate!” he bellowed.

But it wasn’t an edict.

She continued struggling, fighting, until Brodey handed her hair off to Cail and flipped her onto her stomach. He got a knee wedged between her thighs without getting himself kicked in the balls and hooked an arm around her waist. Cail managed to grab one of her wrists and twist her arm up and behind her, limiting her ability to fight.

When Cail’s stiff cock smacked her in the cheek, she knew he was fully into the battle to dominate her.

Which was exactly where she wanted both men. She’d already felt Brodey’s eager cock jabbing against her butt as she squirmed and struggled.

Brodey managed to get another knee between her legs and shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Then he fell on top of her and sank his teeth into her shoulder.

“Yes!” she screamed.

Cail wrenched her head back. “Submit!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” and still she fought, struggled, feeling like the energy inside her would rip her apart from the inside out if she didn’t rid herself of it somehow.

Brodey growled against her back, his teeth still buried in her flesh. “Fight all you want,” he said through their mate bond, “I’ll only fuck you longer and harder.”


Cail handed off her wrist to Brodey. Then he shoved a thumb into her mouth. When she started sucking it, he yanked it out and fed his cock between her lips. With both hands clamped around her head, he started roughly fucking her mouth.


Cail leaned over as Brodey pulled her to her knees and started fucking her. Somehow, Cail managed to sink his teeth into her side.

The orgasm that ripped through her made her feel like the top of her head would explode.

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Elain Pardie’s wedding is interrupted when her matron of honor, Lina, goes into labor. Unfortunately, events spiral downhill from there for the Lyalls and their kin when an old foe refuses to roll over and play dead. As everyone suspected, Rodolfo Abernathy won’t give up.

What Abernathy doesn’t know is he’s become more prey than predator. Shifters with grudges of their own enter the fight with their sights set on Abernathy’s downfall.

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Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

The correct order to read all of the Triple Trouble books and prequels is:

“Boiling Point” (Tasty Treats, Vol. 3)
Fire and Ice
Trouble Comes in Threes (Triple Trouble 1)
Storm Warning (Triple Trouble 2)
Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3)
Triple Dog Dare (Triple Trouble 4)
Out of Smoke and Ashes (Triple Trouble 5)

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Snippet Saturday (Adult): Out of Smoke and Ashes (Triple Trouble 5)
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