Okay, the print version of Bleacke Moments finally went live at Amazon. It’s also been uploaded to B&N, or you can buy a signed copy directly from my Payhip store:


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When you’re Dewi Bleacke, every moment is a Bleacke moment…

Dewi Bleacke’s poised to become an aunt several times over, in addition to her own impending first-time motherhood. Between worrying about her job as Head Enforcer for the Targhee Pack, and her responsibilities as the head of the expanded pack council, she’s feeling stretched a little…thin.

Metaphorically, that is.

Feels like she’s about to give birth to a baby elephant, not a wolf.

Plus, there’s still a psychotic corgi shifter on the run.

And a Mexican drug cartel looking for revenge.

Oh, and there might be a lone-wolf trying to sell out shifters.

Dewi knows one thing for certain—their lives are about to change forever.

Whether they’re all alive on the other side remains to be seen. Easy peasy.

Bleacke Moments in print format!
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