#BookQuote 1/1/2019 – Come in From the Cold (Suncoast Society)

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Then it was suddenly Douglas holding Connor as Connor sobbed in his arms, the two of them sinking to the floor with Douglas cradling him much in the same way as Douglas had cradled him that dark night so many years ago when Connor had finally found the words to describe the horror he’d lived through and admit it to Douglas.

To let the light that was Douglas into his soul.

Trying to…scourge himself clean, back then, by using Douglas’ love and body and faith in him.

Trying to make himself feel something, anything other than the self-loathing and anger and dark, draining pain filling his soul.

It had always been Douglas who’d been his light, his way, his truth. It’d always been Douglas who’d warmed his heart, who’d made him believe maybe, one day, he could feel like a real person and not some shadowy chimera pretending to be fully human.

COME IN FROM THE COLD (Suncoast Society) – writing as Tymber Dalton

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#BookQuote 1/1/2019 – Come in From the Cold (Suncoast Society)
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