#BookQuote 12/31/18 – Safe Harbor (Suncoast Society)
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When they returned home around eleven that evening, Bart met them at the door, his tail wagging and ears perked. Mac scooped him up and played with him before letting him down. “You’re on your own for the evening, puppy. I’ve got plans for your mom.” He pulled Clarisse to him and kissed her while pinning her wrists behind her back. “Go get naked, sweetie.” When he let her go, he turned to watch her walk through the living room.

That’s when he spotted something laying in the middle of the living room floor. Before he could investigate, Bart streaked over to it, grabbed it, and dragged it behind him as he took off for Clarisse’s bedroom.

“Pet, what does Bart have?”

She turned around to intercept him, but the dog zipped under the couch, where he growled at them. “I don’t know. It was bigger than him.”

They both got onto their hands and knees to pull him out, but he streaked out the other side, without his prize, and headed for Mac’s bedroom.

Mac felt under the couch and came up with a riding crop.

They stared at it for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Where was that at?” she asked.

“In my closet.”

They heard a noise in the master bedroom and went to inspect. They caught Bart in the middle of the room, one of the rattan punishment canes in his mouth. He dropped into a play bow over the cane and growled at them.

Mac laughed so hard he had to sit on the bed. He roared, long and loud, until tears rolled down his cheeks.

“It’s…Dom Dog,” he finally choked out before laughing even harder.

SAFE HARBOR (Suncoast Society 1) – writing as Tymber Dalton

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#BookQuote 12/31/18 – Safe Harbor (Suncoast Society)
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