Brightest Blessings, and Love and Light, peeps.

Please make today about remembrance, peace, love, laughter, and making the day a brighter place, to chase away the shadows of evil people tried to cast over us all. By living in light, we take away the power of those with evil in their hearts. By living in light, we show that we are stronger and tougher than they ever could hope to be. And by living in light, we honor those we lost and keep their memories alive. We lost so much that day, and in the years following, but we gained a new spirit, a new appreciation for how fragile life is and how special our lives are, and we would be wasting it all if we fail to acknowledge that. Try to go about today being kind in the face of asshats, try to show patience where others are not, try to remember that people are battling demons we don’t know about and we are showing strength and compassion when we can hold onto that kindness for at least a little while. That is how we can best honor those we lost and defeat those who thought they were winning. That, my peeps, is true magick of the brightest and strongest kind.

Namaste, peeps. )0( Blessed Be.

Brightest Blessings. #neverforget
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