3042Note: I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV, and consult with your health-care provider. This is just MY experience. YMMV.

Y’all know me. I endorse stuff I like, believe in, etc. I’ve been using the NingXia Red now for a couple of months (that I get from Young Living) and my experience with it so far is good.

Between my fibromyalgia and the CFS, plus a battle with the flu last month, and adding in the new meds my cardiologist put me on, energy levels are a HUGE problem for me sometimes. As in, I have none. And I can’t up my caffeine levels, because that would totally defeat the purpose of the cardiac meds to control the symptoms I’d been having.

When I signed up for Young Living, one of the things I also purchased was a couple of bottles of the NingXia Red juice, based on the recommendation from a friend of mine who also has health issues and who likes it. (Link to product information pdf.) I take a shot-glass of it every afternoon. My personal experience with it is that it does seem to give me an energy boost. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but I look at it as it’s helping me mitigate an aspect of my medical condition. (They have a NingXia Red starter kit, too.)

If you sign up with a distributor account, you can buy at the distributor price and save money. Or you can sign up as a customer and pay the full retail price. (My link to sign up.) I’m NOT pushing this as a MLM, just saying there is a benefit to signing up as a distributor. (And there are no monthly purchase requirements as a distributor, either.) I’ve used the Young Living oils for years and love them. I’m glad they’ve added other products to their line.

Again, YMMV, I’m not a doctor or making claims, just reporting MY experience with this product.

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