Woot! TGIF we made it!

Got a new batch of legal freebies for you, and some peep pimpage to engage in. 🙂 All of that after the jump. First, I have to pay the bills… LOL

Keep an eye out, because I’ve got four books coming soon from Siren: Power of Three (Triple Trouble 8), By the Embers Dies the Fire (Triple Trouble 9), Switchy (Suncoast Society 34), and Dual Porpoise (Placida Pod 5).

You can go to my author page at Siren-BookStrand, create an account, and sign up to get e-mails when they post my new books for pre-order. (No spam!)

Siren put a new box set collection out with three of my books in it that were previously released as Macy Largo and Tessa Monroe. If you don’t have those books yet, it’s a great deal. However, if you already own them, there’s no reason to repurchase them because there is no new content.

Tymber Dalton Special Collection 1

Tony’s Collection (Suncoast Society box set) contains the following three books: Domme by Default, The Reluctant Dom, and The Denim Dom. Again, no new content, but if you’re missing one or more of those, it’s a savings.

I have a box set for the first three books in my Bleacke Shifters series, too.

Want to join the craziness? I have a Facebook group, Tymber’s Trybe.

I also have a Facebook Page. (Facebook limits reach sometimes, so make sure to click the Notifications button on the drop-down and select it.)

ss-td-ss-liability3The latest audiobook I have out is for Love Slave for Two: Reunions (Book 3). (For a list of more audiobooks, I have a page for that.)

My latest new Siren release is Liability (Suncoast Society 33, MMF, BDSM). It should be going to third-party sites soon!

I’m buried in edits right now for books 2 and 3 of my The Great Turning trilogy. Looking forward to getting those out there to you all. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun writing them!

Don’t forget, I have a clickable list of buy links I keep updated, all my titles, in reading order, at the various vendors and different formats.

Now…on to the freebies! 🙂


Remember to check the price of the freebies before clicking. They were free as of the time of posting. Also, please check out the not-free ones.

And for the not-free:

Happy Friday!

#FreebieAlert 4/8/2016 and #PeepPimpage – Happy Friday Edition!
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One thought on “#FreebieAlert 4/8/2016 and #PeepPimpage – Happy Friday Edition!

  • April 8, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Thanks for the posts on abuse. I was a victim once by someone I trusted. I have healed over the years, but its good to see others who will point out the obvious to assholes in the lifestyle that are using it as a cover up for abuse. I was raised in the lifestyle by my 2 mom’s and 3 dad’s so a poly home with a D/s variant is what I consider normal. I am also raising my kids to view it the same way. I am a pro-advocate for proper rules in the clubs and resorts I frequent and will speak up when I see infractions that can endanger someone. I also own several of your books but had not taken the time to read them until I spotted your posts on Segaloff/Makai. Thanks for your vigilance. I will also be posting reviews on your books as soon as possible. I am a retired Editor / Reviewer and do this solely for the joy of it now and look forward to reading your work.

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