Hurry up and wait… “Hey, Mom, can I have ice cream, because you said we need to eat stuff out of the freezer and we don’t want it to melt.”

You can’t argue with a 12 year-old’s logic, can you?

So now I’m sitting in my boarded-up house (ie CAVE) waiting for TS Fay (or Hurricane Fay if it strengthens at some point) to make landfall in our neck of the woods. Boarding up might be overkill, but my theory is this: if I’m boarded up, the storm will be weaker than predicted.

This goes with the same logic I have that as long as my generator works, I won’t ever need it. Since we’ve had it, it has yet to be used for a power outage. It’s my magic talisman to keep the bad spinny storms away. *LOL*

I truly don’t make light of storms, because as a native Floridian and life-long resident, frankly, I’m used to this. And honestly, 2004 was the worst year we’d had in my life. Normally, we don’t get a lot of storms. It’s safer living in Florida than it is living in some areas of Tornado Alley, when you think about it. At least with a hurricane it gives you the courtesy of advanced notice.

People ask me, “How can you live in Florida with hurricanes?” Well, if you live in an area that gets blizzards, ask me that in the middle of January when a huge ice storm dumps on you and you lose power for over a week and risk freezing to death. *LOL* At least here, if we lose power, we can open our windows. I’ve never lived anywhere else, don’t really desire to live anywhere else (although if I ever make enough money, I’d love a second home near Yellowstone National Park where I can visit all the time). I mean, really, how many natural disasters are courteous enough to give you advanced warning? *LOL*

Hurry up and wait…
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