I need to keep a stock of paper bags close by my laptop for hyperventilating.

Even though right now I’m in the middle of preparations for TS Fay (which looks like it’s making landfall right over the top of my house) I can find joy in an email containing my second review on “Love & Brimstone!” It received 4 cups from Coffee Time Romance!


Here’s the highlight:

“This is a vampire story unlike any other. The whole genetic concept is fantastic, and lends the story a truly realistic element. The characters are completely identifiable, and the reader is hooked immediately. Taz and Matthias are like two pieces of a puzzle that can only come together in just the right way. The forces around them try to tear them apart, but once they click, nothing can separate their love for each other. I absolutely recommend this to any paranormal reader, and can only hope Ms. Richardson is a fast writer!”

*thud as I hit the floor from passing out from hyperventilating*


I’m sure Stephen King doesn’t dance in his kitchen doing a freaky weird-ass rumba a la Baby in “Dirty Dancing” on the boardwalk scene, but hey, that’s what I did!

And tomorrow I have to board up my house. *LOL*

But I’ve got another great review!! Whoo hoo!!

Aiiiiieeeeeee!!!! My second review!!
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