Me (shooting) & range officer.

Well, my first time ever shooting skeet, we shot three rounds. The first was for practice, the second two scored and shooting with other friends of ours, one of whom was a champion of the sport in his younger years.

I out-shot Sir 14-13 (out of a possible 25) both rounds.

*big wide grin*

Not bad for a girl, huh? 🙂 Everyone said we did great considering it was the first time we’d ever shot skeet before. One of my problems was trying not to stand like I was shooting a rifle. (I’m really good with a rifle and a handgun, but no experience with a shotgun.) I was shooting a loaner .20 over-under shotgun.

I. Am. Hooked. Sir and I both looked at each other with HUGE grins and I said, “So, when are we hitting a gun show?” LOL

Ahhh, I spent lots of wonderful weekend days at gun shows with my parents. I loved walking around and looking at all the stuff, even though half of it I didn’t know what it was for (when I was a kid). I love guns. I don’t hunt (don’t like to hunt, even though I loved spearfishing), but I do love guns and target shooting. And now, skeet.


Ka-BLAM! 🙂
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  • February 10, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Congatulations on shooting so well! I didn’t do nearly as good when I shot skeet my first time.

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