You’ve been asking–now it’s available! I’ve formatted my Inequitable Trilogy (Indiscretion, Innocent, & Incisive) into a box set. (There is no new content if you already own them separately.)

HOWEVER… These are HUGE books, and Amazon takes an unreasonable chunk of royalties for anything over $9.99 and if it’s a larger file size. So this box set will ONLY be available on my Payhip store (meaning you’re buying directly from me). You can get the .epub and .mobi versions.

Normally, it’ll be $13.99, but I’m offering it for only $9.99 for a limited time.

Buy Now!

(This MMM contemporary political romance features elements of power exchange, secret workplace romances, a pants-dropping late-night tryst in the Oval Office, a switchy and possessive POTUS, close proximity, frenemies to lovers, a May/Dec age gap, a stubbornly patient Secret Service agent who’d do anything for the men he loves, a wounded veteran, smol and tall pairing, pining, and a guaranteed series HEA. It’s a standalone trilogy set in the world of the Governor Trilogy.)

Leo, Jordan, and Elliot in a BOX SET!
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