12687943_1020678441324853_8021500161328419975_nI can’t believe it’s freaking MARCH already. Seriously, I.



I got By the Embers Dies the Fire (Triple Trouble 8) submitted yesterday to Siren. (So please either call off the voodoo dolls, or someone scratch that dang itch in the middle of my back that I can’t reach, thanks!) I won’t be updating the series summary guide for the Triple Trouble series until after it’s released. No, I don’t have a release date yet. Yes, as soon as I do, I’ll let you know. Probably April-ish. And book 9 won’t be far behind it.

I’m juggling that around my edits for books 2 and 3 in my The Great Turning series.

This new medication I’m on seems to be helping my symptoms. The bad part is, it’s kicking my ass exhaustion-wise. And if I up my caffeine levels, it’ll sort of counteract the medication, so that’s out. All the fun of #fibromyalgia and #CFS. *head/desk* Right now I’m staring at the to-do list and feeling overwhelmed and frozen. I know this, too, shall pass, but with so much to do (and not even all of it writing-related) it’s just…ugh.

And yes, of course there will be more Suncoast Society books. That’s a given. LOL But I NEED to devote some attention to my other series, too. They’ve been patiently waiting in the wings while the dang Dom/mes tied up my writing brain.

What are some of your March goals?

ss-td-ss-liability3Liability (Suncoast Society 33, MMF, BDSM)

The Great Turning (Book 1)

Tony’s Collection (Suncoast Society box set)

Drunk Monkeys series (Books 1 – 10 now available!)

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March? ALREADY?? Ugh.
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One thought on “March? ALREADY?? Ugh.

  • March 4, 2016 at 7:59 am

    Hi Tymber,
    waiting impatiently for your upcoming books 🙂
    A friend of mine posted this link on FB recently. Don’t know if it would help in any way but looked it up again just in case
    It may just have been a flash in the pan, but anything that can make pain a thing of your past might be worth mentioning.
    Hope your health improves soon,
    Best regards

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