On the way home from Viking training this morning I flipped my music over from my phone to XM, on Radio Margaritaville. Was talking to Russ and asked him to send me some songs. But it was in the middle of one of RM’s “Buffett Buffets,” an hour where they play nothing BUT JB songs.

After a couple of songs in a row that were obviously not any kind of message, as the song was nearly over I teased Russ and said, come on, you know you can do better than that, baby. You being lazy this morning because we got up early? (Sometimes the message songs he sends me ARE JB songs, because we used to listen to Radio Margaritaville all the time and sing along with the songs together.)

Well, Russ “challenge accepted” me. LOL The stinker. I could HEAR him do that little playful, “HMPH!” he used to do. Literally, the very next song that came on only a few seconds after I said that was “Changing Channels.” Felt him laughing and poking at me, as if he was saying, “Kitten, you gotta give me something better to work with, come on now.”

I laughed and said, okay, smart-ass, message received, let’s see what you’ve got for me. I didn’t even look as I reached over and just hit one of the preset buttons, and it changed to “The Bridge” station. In progress was a message song that had just started seconds earlier. Felt him say, “HA!” the way he used to do, that one where his whole face used to get into it when he was highly amused.

That song was followed by two more messages. (Except for “Brown-Eyed Girl,” “Kellie’s Song,” and “Paradise Lost on Me,” which he usually sends me when I’m already crying or close to it, he tends to send me messages through songs in batches of three.)

Started laughing even as I was crying, and said, “Thank you, baby. Love you, too.” I mean, I always feel him there, always with me, hear him whispering to me, sometimes louder than others, and he comes to me almost every night in my dreams. But sometimes I just NEED that little…extra, you know? My soul needs the proof he’s still with me, watching over me, taking care of me the only way he can. And he always gives it to me when I ask.

Love you, baby. Miss you so much. Sweet dreams. 🥰💖😘

Music and Messages.
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