New Pre-Order, Release Day Tomorrow for Pretzel Logic

Whew! Busy weekend helping a friend move. This Moody Bastard (Suncoast Society 50, MMF) is now available for pre-order. It’s another Cali, Max, and Sean story and picks up where Happy Spank Patrick’s Day leaves off. (Their first feature book was Crafty Bastards, and they had another installation in Kinko de Mayo.)

You can pre-order it at Siren-BookStrand:

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Another holiday, another Suncoast Society party. What’s troubling Cali, Sean, and Max? Can a kinky Easter egg hunt snap them out of it? As their friends gather once more, the triad puts on a united front and a happy face. While they remember to count their blessings, will the future finally come into clear focus?

Unicorn photo shoots, rainbow rope, and getting their cat, Baxter, stoned on catnip are all on the agenda. It doesn’t hurt that they finally get to see karma in all its splendid glory giving them the good kind of cosmic payback for a change.

They know they’re lucky. Now all they have to do is keep reminding themselves of that fact.

And tomorrow is release day for Pretzel Logic (Suncoast Society 49, MF, BDSM):


Brita was a cop, until an on-duty injury while protecting a child forced her retirement. Now, her days are spent teaching firearms classes, shooting skeet, and doting on her young niece, Jordan. She knows her relationship with Ethan is for life, it’s just a matter of forcing her brain to label it.

The moment Brita got shot is forever seared in Ethan’s memory. She’s the woman he loves, but he’s no dumb Dom. He’s patiently awaiting the day she can finally accept he’s not going anywhere.

Then, an incident during a school outing, where Brita makes a split-second call to protect Jordan and her classmates, changes life forever. Legally and morally, Brita made the right decision. Unfortunately, the man’s rabid fans paint a bulls-eye on Brita via Jordan. When Brita disappears in hope of protecting her family—and her and Ethan’s secret lifestyle—he knows he has to find her. But first, he has to catch the bastards stalking her.

(These characters were first introduced in Happy Spank Patrick’s Day.)

Watch the book trailer here:

Pretzel Logic by Tymber Dalton. from Sunshine Reads on Vimeo.

Yes, June and Scrye’s story is FINALLY done and submitted. Walk Between the Raindrops (Suncoast Society 51) will be released on May 26. Following that is Rub Me Raw (Suncoast Society 52, MM, BDSM) on June 12.


The Deep Space Mission Corps box set (books 1-4) is now available!

This contains the following books at one great price:

  • Love at First Bight
  • Bightmares
  • Spider Bight
  • Out of Bight, Out of Mind

Yes, I have plans for more books in that series, including some of the other crews. Probably another four books, at least. (Depends on how the characters talk to me!)

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New Pre-Order, Release Day Tomorrow for Pretzel Logic
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