Okay, the new site (as you can see) is up and running. I was able to migrate over old posts and comments from the other site. Some formatting on older posts might look a little wonky, but that will be something I’ll have to work on over time. (Things like missing paragraph breaks and weird alignment issues with images.)

If you haven’t yet, please use the Email Subscription option (currently over at the top of the right menu). That’s a Feed Burner option that will deliver you emails when I post. If you’re a WordPress user, scroll down a little and you’ll see an option specifically for WordPress users to subscribe with, if you prefer.

Thank you for your patience with me over the next days and weeks as I begin the tedious process of tweaking things. I don’t know if I’m going to go back to the same template I had on the Blogger site or not. There is a WP version of it, but when I went to the developer, they didn’t have one that was set up to work with the latest version of WP. So we’ll see.


New site up and running. Kinda-sorta.
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