Newsletter and GDPR Update – Last Call!!

I know, I know, sorry. This is a pita for everyone, but the GDPR law kicks in tomorrow. (Or, maybe today, depending on where you are in the world, I suppose!)

If you are reading this on WordPress, or you receive this in an e-mail from WordPress, OR you get the FeedBurner-generated e-mails, PLEASE take a moment to subscribe to my MailChimp newsletter. Yes, if you use a feed reader you can still access the feed that way, but I’m discontinuing the other e-mails because I don’t know if they’re GDPR-compliant or not. I know the MailChimp newsletter IS.

If you’re ON the MailChimp newsletter and received an e-mail from me today about time running out, PLEASE take a moment to update your settings. Click that little button and go in and tick the box next to Email under Marketing Preferences and then hit Update.

Otherwise, you won’t be receiving e-mail newsletters from me anymore about new releases, pre-orders, giveaways, freebies, and more.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

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Newsletter and GDPR Update – Last Call!!
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