I love going to the flea market. We don’t get to go very often. But when we do, it’s always fun to do our own version of Jay Leno’s skit that he used to do on the Tonight Show about things from the dollar store.

photo 2 (3)

Now, the naked ladies aside, I got a giggle out of this one. The license plate is suitable for the US, Mexico, Canada…and Venezuela. What? Cry for yourselves, Argentina, you’re screwed, I guess. Panama, Chile, Colombia–nope. No nakey ladies for you.

photo 1 (3)

Now, give me points for restraint. My friends know how much I LOVE Hello Kitty. This, however, I didn’t buy. I don’t have a use for a a Hello Kitty egg cooker ring, sorry. (See? There is something that’s Hello Kitty that I won’t buy.)

photo 3 (2)

I’m sorry…a fishing WHAT? Fishing CATAPULT? I grew up fishing, and…yeah, never used one of these for fishing. I just cast my line with the bait/lure on it. LOL I mean, I did virtually slap people (and get slapped) with mackerels in the old IRC chat days a few times. LOL (Ironically, next to this display they had slingshots that were correctly marked.)

What funny things have you found at the flea market?

Oh, the things you can see…
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