I like homemade nommies!

If you buy jerky or other treats for your pets, be VERY careful about where they’re made. The FDA has issued another warning for Chinese-sourced pet treats. Over 1,000 dogs reported dead, and thousands of others sickened.

Look, if you don’t know what to feed your dog, give them carrot slices. Other options? Apple, oranges, bananas, and watermelon (minus seeds, of course). Or there are literally thousands of free recipes out there on the Internet for dog-safe treats you can bake in your own kitchen, with human-grade ingredients, for about the same final cost as you’d pay for premium organic dog treats.

HuffPo Article on Recall:

Humane Society list of recalled foods/treats:

What NOT to feed your dog:

Dog Cookie Recipes:

Woof! *tail wags!*

Pet Alert: FDA issues warning about toxic dog treats.
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