Pssst! Governor is FREEEEEE!

Hey, did you know Governor, the first book in my Governor Trilogy series is FREE? Well, it is! You can grab it now if you haven’t already, and meet the governor for freeeeee!


I kneel for only one man—Carter Wilson, my best friend, chief of staff, and bastard extraordinaire.

It’s a price I willingly pay to be owned by Her.

His wife.

Who is also, as of when we were sworn in this morning, my lieutenant governor.

I am Owen Taylor, governor of the great state of Florida.

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(It’s also available in print, but that’s not free. LOL)

And in case you missed it, Pet (Governor Trilogy 5) is now available, too!

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From birth, my life has been a series of wrong turns and dead ends. Only one person truly loved me, and I walked away from them. Now, they’re unavailable.

I have a dark soul. That’s what I’ve always been told. Makes me good at my work, though. It’s kept me alive, even when I haven’t cared if I lived or died. Even when I welcomed death, and it still eluded me. Makes it easy not to get attached. I guess I’m lucky.

Until an unexpected reversal of fortune thrusts me into an unwinnable situation. Now, I’m not so sure I want to die.

But a brother’s unkept promise might be the only thing that keeps me alive.

Author’s Note: This is Eddie’s book (from Chief – Governor Trilogy book 3). It is recommended you read Chief and Yes, Governor before reading this book.


Pssst! Governor is FREEEEEE!
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