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So Hubby’s had both Covid shots now and is mostly recovered from having Covid last month. He’s still dealing with a little fatigue. Me?

The brain fog is horrible, my fatigue is still bad, and what I can taste doesn’t taste right. My sense of smell is worse than missing–I’m getting that weird, “cigarette” smell so many report. And before you even ask, no, none of us are smokers, or live anywhere near smokers, so it’s definitely an artifact of Covid. UGH. I mean, it’s so bad I’m now having to take allergy meds because it makes my nose itch and run and my eyes water, it’s THAT bad. (Ironically, when the allergy meds kick in, the cigarette smell mostly fades, so go figure. Although I still can’t smell much.)

0 out of 5 stars do NOT recommend getting Covid. At allllll. UGH.

Speaking of reviews… LOL (See what I did there?) I’m still working through getting the new reviews feature added to all the book pages here. Many of them already have it. I’m replacing the commenting feature on book pages with that. That way, if you hate the usual book sites, or if Amazon keeps eating your reviews, least you can leave them here. (Greatly appreciated!)

Meanwhile, I’m plugging away at Incisive to get the file finalized and posted for release. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter so you don’t miss the announcement.

Also, if you’re not on my newsletter yet, but you’re in my Facebook group, make sure to get on the newsletter. Facebook just announced they’re going through some massive changes and it looks like Groups and Pages on there might get scrambled yet again. It’s going to hit authors hard who can’t afford to pay for ads on there (like me). So if your favorite authors have newsletters, might want to subscribe to them. I also have a MeWe profile and group that I keep swearing I’m going to do better at participating in and really mean it this time.

Although, to be fair, I was finally diagnosed in December of last year as having ADHD.

At age 49.

So…yeah. Now a LOT of things about my life, personality, school years, etc. are framed in a totally different context. I’m working with my GP on meds to find something that will work for me that’s not a stimulant (because of my cardiac issues).

This’ll be…”fun.” I’ll keep you posted.

If you’re in the path of this killer winter storm, I hope you stay safe and warm! Who knew deregulating power companies to skirt federal regulations was a bad thing! ( *belated sarcasm alert* … Um, like everyone, and they’ve been warned for over 10 years now.) Let’s hope everyone survives to spite-vote the GOP out of power in Texas, although with decades of gerrymandering under their belts, they won’t make it easy, I’m certain.

Hubby just turned 71 yesterday. I told him hey, he outlived Rush Limbaugh! LOL

(If you’re going to chastise me for that one, just fuck right off. If the dead want to be talked well about, they shouldn’t live their lives as utter shitbags. As someone on Twitter said, a dead asshole is still an asshole. I’m reasonably certain the person who invented “not talking ill about the dead” was probably some old white dude who was a shitbag who saw his shitbag friends dying off and then getting dragged like crazy, and he decided he was going to try to get around that fate himself. If you want me to talk well about you when you die, then live your life being someone who will be greatly missed by the living because you’re a good person with a good heart who does good things for others, instead of a rabidly misogynistic, racist, bigoted right-wing nutjob who helped foment an insurrection against our nation’s capitol and who spread lies about the election results that led to even more upheaval.)

Happy Friday!

~ ~ ~

Pet: A Governor Trilogy Novel

(Governor Trilogy Book 5)

Some promises can’t be kept…

(MM, political romance, M/s elements, HEA)

Buy Links:


Print: Amazon


From birth, my life has been a series of wrong turns and dead ends. Only one person truly loved me, and I walked away from them. Now, they’re unavailable.

I have a dark soul. That’s what I’ve always been told. Makes me good at my work, though. It’s kept me alive, even when I haven’t cared if I lived or died. Even when I welcomed death, and it still eluded me. Makes it easy not to get attached. I guess I’m lucky.

Until an unexpected reversal of fortune thrusts me into an unwinnable situation. Now, I’m not so sure I want to die.

But a brother’s unkept promise might be the only thing that keeps me alive.

Author’s Note: This is Eddie’s book (from Chief – Governor Trilogy book 3). It is recommended you read Chief and Yes, Governor before reading this book.

Our covid update (2/19/21) and other news.
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