Sneak Peek 2: Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society)

Here’s another sneak peek at Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society 53, MMF, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton. Releases on Friday, 6/23/2017!


Neil isn’t just Tamsin’s gay best friend and roommate—he’s her Dom and adopted family. While she jokes she’d love to watch him and Dexter, her fiancé and Dom, together in bed, she knows that’ll never happen.

Dexter isn’t jealous of Neil. As a paramedic, Dexter frequently spends days away from Tamsin. Plus, the older Dom is as much a mentor to Dexter as he is a friend. Neil’s never made a secret about his attraction to Dexter, even though he knows nothing will ever happen since Dexter’s straight.

Then a drunk driver shatters their world, leaving Neil to step in and pick up the pieces for Dexter and Tamsin. They might never get her “back,” but Neil’s sworn to take care of her. Now the men are forced to forge deeper, stronger bonds both to take care of Tamsin…and each other.

As their love grows, one question remains unanswered: What happens to them if or when Tamsin wakes up?

All morning, Tamsin checked her e-mail on her personal phone any chance she had between teaching music classes at Sorrellson Academy. She knew Dex was working, and likely couldn’t respond right away, but Neil kept teasing her in texts.


I’m thinking he’s going to let ME decide…


Someone is in troooooouble.


What are you going to trade me to make up for melting my gelato, hmm?


She loved that fucking sadist, but if she had to take her chances, she hoped it was with Dex and not Neil.

At least she could barter her way out of strokes with Dex by offering anal or a blowjob or something.

Neil, not so much, since despite being her best friend and the only “family” she had, he was gay.

And he fucking hit her harder than Dex did.

A lot harder.

Goddamned sadists.

She loved both of them.

Except right now, she was sort of pulling for Team Dex to save her ass.


She’d first met Neil nearly eight years ago at a Suncoast Society munch. She’d just graduated college and landed herself a job teaching music at Sorrellson Academy, a private school in Sarasota. She and Neil had become play partners after immediately hitting it off. Neither of them had significant others at the time. She’d seen no reason not to have orgasm play be part of the deal.

Although she felt it wasn’t exactly fair to Neil, because he never asked her to reciprocate, even though it was a negotiated green.

Plenty of nights she’d masturbated to wishing Neil was just a tiny bit bi. The one time he had given in and let her blow him, she knew he really didn’t get much out of it.

And then, six months after first meeting Neil, Tamsin’s roommate announced she was moving in with her boyfriend when their lease was up, meaning Tamsin would have to move or find another roommate. Neil had offered to let Tamsin move in with him.

Seven years later, they were still roommates.

It wasn’t like she had any family—no close family—she could turn to. A few cousins here and there. She didn’t know where her bastard of a birth father was, and her mom had died in a car accident right after Tamsin started college.

Neil had become family by proxy. Twelve years older than her, he was like the older brother she’d never had…minus the BDSM stuff they did. Plus he worked for a bank, handling retirement accounts and stuff like that. He’d helped her make sure she was saving for her future, had the right kinds of disability insurance—all those things that she knew nothing about. Since he didn’t have any family either, they unofficially adopted each other. They had durable medical powers of attorney for each other, the annoying legalities that responsible adults were supposed to take care of.

While both of them dated from time to time, Neil had been the one to carefully screen guys who showed too much interest of the wrong kind in Tamsin.

So far, his track record of weeding out assholes had been one-hundred-percent.

Then she’d met Dex, and even Neil grudgingly admitted he was a good guy after he hung in there while Neil put him through the wringer.

Neil had pretty much run a full background check on Dex and gone through every mutual friend they had in the Suncoast Society to talk to others about him.

The men’s relationship had been a tense one, at first, although Dex had shown great patience once Tamsin explained how protective Neil was of her.

As Neil loosened up, so did Dex, until the two men became fast friends.

It didn’t hurt that Dex still let Neil beat her ass, since Dex’s crazy schedule with the fire department meant sometimes they didn’t see each other for days at a time.

Now if we could just find Neil someone.

Tilly had even set the Frightful Five on the job. They had yet to turn up any subby gay male prospects for him. Tamsin felt a little guilty that she was getting to have her happily ever after and Neil was still single. Before she and Dex got married, once Dex’s apartment lease was up, he’d move in with them and they’d take their time to find a house together that was in their budget.

Again, Neil’s suggestion.

More a not-so-subtle demand, but she loved Dex even more for not bristling over it. She strongly suspected Neil was going to push for them to live with him long-term instead of moving out.

It wasn’t like living at Neil’s put a crimp in their style. Sometimes, the men co-topped her. Or there were times Dex was playing with her and Neil might wander through the living room and watch or offer “helpful” sadistic suggestions to Dex. Dex was eight years younger than Neil, and they’d fallen into not only a dynamic of being buddies, but of mentor and student.

Sometimes that was great…and sometimes Tamsin’s ass thought it wasn’t so great.

Not that she was complaining.

She worked her way through second-grade keyboard class, the third-grade baritone ukulele class, and the classical guitar class that was a mixed bag of students in the higher grades. Then the jazz band class, followed by orchestra.

There was never a chance for her to become bored at her job. She’d even taught herself several wind instruments during her tenure at the school, and one of her older students had helped her learn the cello, since he was taking private lessons for that.

He’d wanted to learn how to play electric guitar, but his parents wouldn’t pay for that. So she traded him lessons.

This was her dream job, literally. Teaching music was her passion. She’d lucked into the job at Sorrellson, and was glad she hadn’t ended up going to work for the county school system, where they were slashing budgets for arts and activities.

It was late in the afternoon before Dex finally replied to her e-mail.

Sorry, busy day. Bad day. Neil’s choice. You know how much he loves his gelato. I’ll let him handle it.

She hung her head with a sigh. Dammit.

At the same time, she struggled not to let her body kick into autopilot. The last thing she wanted to do was be horny at work. As soon as Neil found out Dex’s decision, he would amp up his teasing.

Dex still let Neil do orgasm play on her.

One of these days, I will get those two drunk enough to want to do each other at least once.

Well, get Dex drunk enough. She knew Neil wouldn’t need any coaxing, since he’d flat-out admitted to her he was attracted to Dex.

That Dex both knew it and didn’t freak out over it spoke to how secure he was.

No jealousy with him. Some normal envy that Neil got to spend more time with her on a regular basis than he did, but that was the nature of Dex’s job as a paramedic and he understood that.

I’m a lucky woman.

Her phone buzzed with an incoming text from Neil.

Weeeeelllll? 3:)

Her head drooped again. Dammit. I’m sooo screwed.


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Sneak Peek 2: Any World That I’m Welcome To (Suncoast Society)
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