Today’s snippet is from my mm book More Than Make-Believe. (I have plans for a prequel and sequel to the story as well.)

Travis closed his eyes as the water sluiced over his back and down the crack of his ass, where Marston’s cock was deeply embedded. First his fingers had prodded him, making him hard faster than had ever happened before. Again the brief question of Viagra versus vitality flitted through his mind before he shoved it away and simply enjoyed the experience.

It’s only make-believe.

It didn’t make him gay, just horny and broke. Wasn’t that the point?

After nearly an hour in the shower, where neither of them came although Travis got really close several times, they spent a long time drying off and Travis licked the water from Marston’s body before tumbling back into bed. Five minutes later, as he desperately kissed the man and hoped for relief for his hard cock, Marston patted him on the ass.

“Cut. That’s lunch.”

The crew stopped filming and left the bedroom.

Travis fell back on the bed, eyes closed, and groaned.

He jumped when Marston’s fingers closed around his shaft. “That’s good, kid. Keep it up, pun intended.”

Travis laughed and looked at the man. His playful smile couldn’t be denied a reply. “You said you started out like me?”

“Yep.” He released Travis’ cock and lay back. “Needed money for school.”

“How old are you now?”

“Almost twenty-eight.” He looked at him. “You?”


“What’s your major? Don’t worry, we’re off camera.”


Marston nodded. “Good choice. You’ve got a chance to pay your bills and not get stuck doing something like this.”

“Didn’t you graduate?”

He smiled, and Travis couldn’t interpret it. “Yep. Got my degree. Gainfully employed at an evil day job. But sometimes you need the kind of money that gainful employment won’t provide.”

Alex reappeared before Travis could ask him more. “You ready for lunch?” Alex asked.

“Yeah.” Marston climbed out of bed and went to the closet, where he retrieved a cell phone. Travis couldn’t help but follow him with his eyes. He acted totally at ease being naked.

“I need to make a quick call.” Without pulling on any clothes, Marston stepped out onto the balcony and closed the door behind him.

Travis sat up and fought the urge to blush when Tara appeared with the storage tub of his stuff from downstairs. He grabbed a pair of shorts out of his bag and pulled them on. “What’s next?” he asked Alex.

“When the star gets done with his call, we’ll get you some lunch up here. Since you’ll be up here all weekend anyway, I had her bring your stuff up. You’ll be sleeping in here with Mars, obviously. We’ll probably do some external shots on the grounds if the weather holds, but we might get rain this afternoon. All you have to do is what Mars tells you to do and enjoy yourself.” He glanced at his watch. “I’ll get them moving on your lunch.”

When Marston returned a few minutes later, he wore a slight frown.

“Everything okay?” Travis asked.

He nodded, his face immediately transforming back to bland disinterest. “Just had to check in. Lunch on the way?”

“Yeah.” He wanted to ask him more, about what he did for a living, if he had a family, things like that. Get to know him. Humanize him. He knew he couldn’t with the film crew now rolling on them. Then again, maybe he shouldn’t know all that.

It’s only make-believe.


[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, ménage elements not involving the heroes, sex toys, HEA]

When you fall for a fantasy, how do you know it’s more than make-believe?

Travis Collins, a straight college student, finds himself in a financial bind. He’ll do anything legal, including going gay for pay and spending a weekend as “Craig Rocke,” with gay porn star Marston Cougar. Marston tells him to remember it’s all fantasy for the camera even though it feels like more.

Gary Carmeletti, also known as Marston Cougar, has a respectable day job. He started out making gay porn to pay for college. After getting his heart broken, he has a no-dating rule. Now paired with “virgin” Craig, he finds it hard to keep it make-believe when he’s losing his heart.

Gary’s niece needs surgery, and he almost has enough money to quit for good. But now that he feels a true connection with his fantasy costar, will he be able to find a happily ever after when he feels it’s more than make-believe?

NOTE: This book was previously published with another publisher.

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

Snippet Saturday: More Than Make-Believe
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