#Cockygate – WTF? The summation.

#Cockygate – WTF? The summation.

Coming Soon | Pre-Orders | Series Info You’ve probably been hearing about #cockygate the past couple of weeks and might be wondering WTF is that? Long story short: A fairly newbie writer (Faleena Hopkins) decided she was going to trademark a common word, “cocky,” and then started going after other writers who’d used it in their book … Read More

Call the CDC – there’s a viral case of the stupids running amok.

There are way too many stupid people on the Interwebz today. Either that, or Mercury going direct again has warped everyone. Apparently, someone tasered book- and romland this week, because there’s a pretty rampant viral case of the stupids making the rounds. (And my day started out shitty enough as it was by learning first thing Christopher … Read More

Writer Beware: *sigh* Badly Behaving Authors – WTF edition.

Gather around close, kiddies. It’s time for Auntie Tymber to tell you another scary tale of *DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN* Badly Behaving Authors! … Read More

Just…be NICE!

I want to state up front this is NOT a “review rant.” This is not a rant about reviewers or reviews. At all. This is a rant about authors (one particular one, in this case) behaving badly. It’s about something that makes me sit back and shake my damn head over how fracking STUPID a … Read More

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