#consentmatters – From the case files… NO means NO.

#consentmatters – From the case files… NO means NO.

The #MeToo movement has drastically raised awareness of consent and consent violations outside the world of BDSM. It’s ridiculously easy for people to get backed into even minor consent violations outside of a BDSM context where some outsiders might respond by saying, “Oh, just get fucking over it, that’s nothing. You weren’t ‘hurt.’ No harm, … Read More

01/04/2016 – Charles Michael Segaloff / Michael Makai case update

I’ve posted the latest updates from PACER on the ongoing federal case against Charles Michael Segaloff (aka BDSM writer Michael Makai). Of special note, you’ll want to read the detention order. Why you trust your gut: #BDSM and predators in the lifestyle. (Charles Michael Segaloff / Michael Makai arrest) As always, you have permission to … Read More

Consent 101 #BDSM #ConsentMatters

In light of the Michael Makai / Charles Michael Segaloff arrest, I’m going to reiterate the basics of consent when it comes to BDSM. This really is not a difficult topic to grok for most people, but apparently some self-appointed BDSM “gurus” like Mr. Makai/Segaloff  and others need a reminder. For starters, watch this: Consent is … Read More

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