WTFery – Adobe collecting user data via Digital Editions, malicious ebook code, & more.

From the “I can’t make this shit up” files comes a boneheaded revelation about Adobe’s Digital Editions 4, their epub app. Nate Hoffelder over on The Digital Reader blogged about verifying this privacy breach. The software is scraping info about the ebooks a customer reads, how they read it, in addition to other ebooks on the … Read More

Oh, goodie. I now have a cyberstalker.

So apparently I’ve “made” it since I’ve pissed off a couple of spammers. (EDIT: I’ve added a second message they’ve sent me.) What’s even stupider? I HAD been planning on letting it die down now that we had notified our members. But now that I’m getting email threats, including (see below) a threat to burn … Read More

Life imitating art: zombies and cyberthreats

Source It’s funny how life can imitate art. In my book Two Geeks and Their Girl (coming 8/2 from Siren-BookStrand) the two heroes are working on a project called Artemis, which hunts down devices hooked to the internet that aren’t properly password protected, and then tracks down and notifies the owner of the problem. I’d gotten … Read More

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