The further adventures of Sparkles the naughty unicorn…

We met a friend at the airport this morning to get his truck so he could fly out. We brought it home, and of course, Sparkles the naughty unicorn immediately asked about taking it out  for a run through Ybor City on Friday to get chicks… I think someone needs to tell him his aspirations … Read More

Welcome, Gidget’s Minion, Sheldon (Or…How we came to own a Russian tortoise.)

We have a few rules around our house. Well, okay, not rules, exactly, but things that make life in general run more smoothly. One of those is I usually should not be allowed to go, unescorted, to places like the grocery store, mass-market pet store, Office Depot, Staples, Target, mass-market pet store, any bookstore, JoAnn’s, … Read More

Blessed Mabon, peeps! And Gidget’s new minion.

Blessed Mabon, peeps! (Or Happy Autumnal Equinox for everyone else in the northern hemisphere. LOL) Spent a very long, wonderful weekend at Florida Power Exchange. Physically exhausting, but mentally and emotionally recharging. This was their second year, and I’ve been honored to be a judge both years now. It’s a great weekend of classes and … Read More

Welcome to the apupcalypse.

Apparently all my current work on my Drunk Monkeys series has Gidget a little nervous. She’s picked out her shotgun shells for the coming apupcalypse and is getting herself ready. Because, ya know, every apupcalypse requires a box (or five) of shotgun shells and your trusty sock monkey dog bed… But then… I awoke this … Read More

Day 5: They’ve changed tactics…

Day 5 of Hubby in Snowhio: Despite the maow-maows best attempts yesterday, I had coffee this morning in the new coffeemaker. Overnight, however, they did gravity-check a bag of peaches I had on the counter. Asshats. I believe now they’re trying to starve me since their attempts yesterday to sabotage the coffeemaker came to naught. … Read More

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