We met a friend at the airport this morning to get his truck so he could fly out. We brought it home, and of course, Sparkles the naughty unicorn immediately asked about taking it out  for a run through Ybor City on Friday to get chicks…

Sparkles has his eyes on the truck…

I think someone needs to tell him his aspirations are a little unrealistic.

"I think I can drive that...How hard can it be?"
“I think I can drive that…How hard can it be?”

He really needs to learn to behave. He’s a very naughty unicorn…

"Well, guess it would be easier if I had the KEYS! *unicornese swear word muttering*"
“Well, guess it would be easier if I had the KEYS! *unicornese swear word muttering*”

I told him our friend (who’s had run-ins with Sparkles before, when he tried to steal his margarita at dinner once) would definitely not appreciate it if Sparkles went out cruising in his truck.

"Dammit! How am I supposed to cruise for chicks if I can't have the keys????"
“Dammit! How am I supposed to cruise for chicks if I can’t have the keys????”

Kind of the point, Sparkles. Kind of the point.

But never fear, I gave the keys to Gidget to hide. She doesn’t put up with Sparkles’ shit because Sparkles refused to be her “minun.”


Gidget assured me she hid the keys quite well and that they’re secure with her “sooper minun,” Sheldon.



Um, if you see reports of a small dog and a tortoise going on a crime spree…I don’t know a DAMN thing!

Have a great Hump Day, peeps! 🙂


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