Today’s Holiday Guest: Bella Juarez

Today’s guest author is fellow Sirenista, Bella Juarez, with an amusing and recently declassified (meaning now she won’t have to kill us!) report of one of her Christmas-pasts. 🙂 * * * * Most of you know I write military stuff, right? I strongly identify with the lifestyle because I’ve lived it. That being said … Read More

Holiday Siren guests.

I LOVE the Grumpy Cat. (Her real name is Tartar Sauce. LOL) You’re going to see guest posts popping up here during December from some of my fellow Sirenistas. They’ve got holiday tales to share, from poignant essays to funny takes on holiday classics, and they all have hot, hot books to their credits as … Read More

Art imitating life, imitating art…

I’m blogging today over at the When One Is Not Enough menage authors blog on my own poly situation and the Showtime show, “Polyamory: Married and Dating.” Please stop by and check it out: