Guest Blog: Writing Tip Wednesday – Advice for new authors.

  Stop by and see me on Mellanie Szereto’s blog today where I dispense writing advice to new authors. (What’s the magic shortcut? You’ll have to read it to find out…) Writing Tip Wednesday — Writing Advice from Tymber Dalton — LATEST NEWS: Coming Soon | Audiobooks | Latest Posts

Guest Post: BDSM Authors by Trish

Guest Post: BDSM Authors by Trish

My bestie, Trish, put together a list of BDSM authors to get you started. Enjoy! … Read More

Under the Bare Light Bulb

I’m facing interrogation being interviewed by Sheri Savill over on her website today in her Under the Bare Light Bulb feature, talking about my book Hope Heals (ninja assassin pet goats, anyone?). Please stop by and witness the steel cage match check it out! Under the Bare Light Bulb

Guest Post: Mile-High Muses (and a Giveaway)

Please stop by and visit me over at Mile-High Muses today. You can read about the origins of my Drunk Monkeys series, crazy shit Hubby hears me ask, and there’s even a giveaway! Thanks! 🙂

BDSM vs. Abuse

Friend and fellow writer Tara Rose has a great blog post today, in the wake of the premier of the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey, that details the differences between healthy, consensual BDSM and abuse. (Complete with nifty graphics for those who are visual learners. 🙂  )

Lori King’s April Picture Capture

Oh, I also participated this month on Lori King’s Picture Capture post. Please stop by and check it out! 🙂 Fourteen different authors gave a shot at a little flash fiction on the same picture.

Guest blog: My crazy brain.

Guest blogging over on Lori King’s blog today! Stop by and check out my crazy brain…

Write Your Ass Off: Self-publishing sh*t volcano.

I’ve got a post up on Write Your Ass Off about the “self-publishing sh*t volcano,” as Chuck Wendig calls it.

Guest Blog at Tara Rose’s BDSM Blitz: Switches

I’m doing a gust post today over at Tara Rose’s BDSM Blitz. Today I talk about switches (the people, not the implement LOL) and blow the common misconceptions about us out of the water.

"Real" men don’t cause pain? Really? Thus, I rant.

A Facebook wannabe “dom” poser’s comments that “real” men don’t cause pain inspired this rant. (Because I didn’t want my head to explode and I refuse to comment on the douchetard’s page.) Thus, I rant thusly:

Guest Blog: Radical feminism and BDSM.

In my typically head-first, full-tilt charge no-holds-barred tactful way, I take on radical feminist views about BDSM over at The Playroom. Feel free to stop by and give your thoughts. To radical feminists who hate BDSM: Fuck. You.

Today’s Holiday Guest: Michelle Graham

Well, obviously the world hasn’t ended. LOL Therefore, today’s holiday guest is fellow Sirenista Michelle Graham, with a touching essay about her sweet furbaby cat, Maggie. Please show her some love, because she has a book coming out soon (more about that at the end). Christmas Without Maggie Christmas is a wonderful time of year, … Read More

Today’s Holiday Guest: Susan Hayes

Today’s holiday guest author is fellow Sirenista, Susan Hayes. Sit back, put down the beverage for the sake of your computer’s health, and prepare to find out that maybe your worst holiday wasn’t quite as bad as you thought. LOL And please show her some love for her book, Whispers in the Dark. * * … Read More

Today’s Holiday Guest: Karen Mercury

Today’s holiday guest is fellow Sirenista, author Karen Mercury. She shares why perhaps a two-fridge household could be a wise idea in some families… * * * Close Encounters of the Fruitcake Kind It’s a tradition in my husband’s Sicilian family to pass this fruitcake along every year from relative…to relative…to relative. I mean, they … Read More

Today’s Holiday Guest: Tianna Xander

Today’s holiday guest authors is fellow Sirenista Tianna Xander, with an amusing twist on the old Christmas classic. (I’ll let you read it for yourself, but fair warning, make sure you put down your drink and swallow what’s in your mouth.) And please check her book out and show her a little love. * * … Read More

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