BDSM vs. Abuse

Friend and fellow writer Tara Rose has a great blog post today, in the wake of the premier of the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey, that details the differences between healthy, consensual BDSM and abuse. (Complete with nifty graphics for those who are visual learners. 🙂  )

"Real" men don’t cause pain? Really? Thus, I rant.

A Facebook wannabe “dom” poser’s comments that “real” men don’t cause pain inspired this rant. (Because I didn’t want my head to explode and I refuse to comment on the douchetard’s page.) Thus, I rant thusly:

Today’s Holiday Guest: Karen Mercury

Today’s holiday guest is fellow Sirenista, author Karen Mercury. She shares why perhaps a two-fridge household could be a wise idea in some families… * * * Close Encounters of the Fruitcake Kind It’s a tradition in my husband’s Sicilian family to pass this fruitcake along every year from relative…to relative…to relative. I mean, they … Read More