KU info and Amazon WTFery – Reviews rejected/removed?

Two different ‘Zon topics to touch upon today, the new KU/KOLL payment structure, and the ‘Zon’s sooper-seekret sawce algorithm review removal process for…reasons? (What reasons, apparently, we’re not allowed to know.) New KU/KOLL Payment Structure Hugh Howey (as always) does a great job with going through the points: http://www.hughhowey.com/great-ku-flip-2015/ Susan Kay Quinn also dissects it: … Read More

Updates about KU/KOLL pricing changes, Smashwords adds “assetless” pre-orders.

I contacted Amazon via e-mail about the new KU/KOLL pricing structures going into effect on 7/1/2015 to get answers to the questions I’d brought up in my first blog post on the matter. Also, keep reading after the jump to see the news about Smashwords and their new “metadata-only” pre-order system. I think this will … Read More

Amazon KU and KOLL payment structure changing.

EDIT: I wrote to Amazon and actually talked to a representative on the phone to get these issues clarified. That blog post is HERE. From the “see, I told you so” files… Amazon has announced that they’re changing the payment structure for books exclusively enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the books that are eligible … Read More

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