Great article on polyamory.

Being poly, it’s difficult to explain the situation sometimes. (In our case, Sir and I don’t live together, though, and we’re an N-quad.) But people who are poly are, frankly, commonly just as boring as monogamous couples. It’s about what’s in the heart, not necessarily about sex or freaky kinky stuff.

Interview over at Romancing the Book!

Stop by Romancing the Book today and read the interview I did where I talk BDSM, poly, and a lot more; some reviews of my books, and…contest! 🙂 And…less than 24 hours until Grease Monkey (Drunk Monkeys 4) releases! 🙂

You don’t have to agree with it if it’s not YOUR life.

A great article crossed my Twitter stream this morning, and I’m so glad I happened to be on when it did. Polyamory works for us ( Right there, that author stated things perfectly. *Warning: Rant ahead. Buckle your seatbelts and please keep hands and feet inside the moving rant until it comes to a complete … Read More

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