Friday frappe.

Time for another mash-up of things I’ve gleaned from the interwebs (other than pictures of cats). Great article at the Writer Beware blog about when to refuse a contract (complete with reference links): A couple of great articles from LiveScience about dreaming here and here Don’t be drinking anything (you have been warned) when you read … Read More

A modest proposal: one possible option for booksellers.

I had an idea yesterday morning and was discussing it with Hubby while we were out hiking. There are a few indisputable facts about the publishing world today that only someone with their head firmly and irretrievably up their ass can deny: E-books are here to stay. E-book sales are growing exponentially every year. The … Read More

Open Letter to NY Publishers

(The article prompting this letter can be found here.) Okay, Simon and Schuster and Hachette, seriously, WTF? You are going to delay the release of ebooks for months after hardcover…why? “…Preserve your industry?” Seriously? Okay, let me explain some basic economics that apparently someone hasn’t taken the time to explain to you. Cheaper books (ebooks) … Read More

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