Of Bollywood and Drunk Monkeys.

Yay, I have my Blue-ray disc of Wanted! Eh, the Bollywood one, not the Hollywood one. LOL This one stars Salman Khan (KHHHAAANNNNN!!!)– *clears throat* Ahem, sorry. I’ll be popping my Bollywood cherry on this one tomorrow, hopefully. It’s my reward for getting my WIP turned in today to my publisher. (Yay, met deadline!) I’ll … Read More

Happy 2013! :) The year of an attitude of gratitude.

Well, edits are turned in for It’s a Sweet Life, my Coffeeshop Coven prequel that releases on 1/18. And…for those of you who don’t follow my Facebook page, I’m happy to announce that Siren has accepted The Denim Dom (Tony’s story) and the contract has been signed and returned. I don’t have a release date yet, … Read More

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