Yay, I have my Blue-ray disc of Wanted!

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Do I look happy enough?

Eh, the Bollywood one, not the Hollywood one. LOL This one stars Salman Khan (KHHHAAANNNNN!!!)–

*clears throat*

Ahem, sorry. I’ll be popping my Bollywood cherry on this one tomorrow, hopefully. It’s my reward for getting my WIP turned in today to my publisher. (Yay, met deadline!)

I’ll be working on edits for A Clean Sweep (Suncoast Society) for the next couple of days, and then back into the sausage grinder for the next WIP.

Today I turned in Monkey Business (Drunk Monkeys 1). Several people have already asked me if it’s a shifter book. Nope, no shifters in this one. It’s a totally non-paranormal series. Just hunky special ops military guys in a near-future post-apocalyptic MFM series. Think A-Team meets Mad Max meets The Walking Dead (but without zombies–people are infected with a virus, and when they die, they stay dead). There will be ten books in the series, each with “Monkey” in the title. (Their unit is called the “Drunk Monkeys,” hence the series name.)

Of Bollywood and Drunk Monkeys.
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